Go Archers is an independent, alumni-based sports media group that covers the De La Salle University basketball, volleyball and football teams competing in the UAAP.

Launched in 2008, we provide top-notch news, updates and in-depth views throughout the season. We cover the teams in ways no mainstream or campus-based media organizations can.

We constantly engage our followers across multiple social media platforms by the action photos that we share after each game day. We also post the latest news, game updates, and other engaging graphic content. We are also on a mission to increase our instagram followers, we’ve been very focused on FaceBook over these few years that we’ve now decided to head towards Instagram. Our Instagram account may follow in a few days and we need to get as many instagram followers as possible! Can you help us?

Go Archers also manages the Green Archers Nation Facebook Group , a community for like-minded Lasallians to come together and support the teams.

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If you’d like to advertise with us, partner with us or have feedback, please email goarchers[at]yahoo.com