What Is Important To You?


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Before we start this, let us stress that this oft times postponed article is not meant to demean, discredit, nor diss anyone or any group, but to serve as informative and entertainment purposes only.

A good (or bad) feature accorded by a quarantine, a lockdown, or whatever you may call it, is time. Everyone has a lot of time on their hands. If you are not a front or back liner, and you are not purchasing food or medicines, or making payroll for your employees, you have no business being in public.

This business of the Covid 19 virus is terrible. It’s serious. It’s deadly. It was and is fatal for some. And yet, a lot of groups and individuals, because of one reason or another, have chosen to break isolation protocols, to the detriment of others who sacrifice a lot in adhering to such.

The general call, for example, in the West, is their violation of their constitutional freedoms. The right to free speech, free assembly, free travel, is mostly mentioned. On an individual basis, the argument is my body, my choice.

In the Philippines, it’s more basic. The most gut wrenching is the no work, no pay situation. To put it bluntly, no work, no eats. Period. On a lesser viewpoint, a lockdown means staying inside your homes. Easy right?

There some more specific reasons that people wish the quarantine period to end soon. Reports of sports coaches worried about lack of practice time and it’s effects on his or her respective teams (treading on more dangerous grounds? Hahaha). Interview after interview, it’s the same hulabaloo, the same media site, the same topic. Hey don’t blame me. I just read them. And after all, I write about sports topics and this is a sports site, isn’t it?

Let’s put that aside for a moment (for dramatic effect? Hahaha.), and concentrate on the bigger issues aforementioned.

You know guys, the purpose of the quarantine is simple. It’s to save lives. Little is still known about this virus. Even it’s transmission. It started with the belief that virus is heavy and can only be transmitted through body droplets with a distance of just a few feet. Then suddenly, it graduated to micro droplets and the distance was adjusted to thirteen feet, more than double the previous protocols.

A vaccine is still far, a couple of years or more away. Developing a vaccine or a drug is never easy. I am not a doctor but the basic principle of putting something into your system is the same. You are worried about side effects and remember, it’s not universal. Some drugs do affect different racial influences. No this is not a racial statement but a medical one. Some drugs affect Asians differently from Caucasians, Middle Easterns, and African influences. The point is, the science has to be established first before it’s put inside a human being.

In the meantime the question that the quarantine poses to us is this. What is important to you?

That simple question is as divisive now as a religious debate.

For a government who cares for it’s people, it’s protecting its citizens from this virus. For a citizenry fighting for its constitutional rights, it’s the right to choose. For a people who can only eat only if they work, it’s the right to survive. For sports coaches whose mandate is to win championships, I guess it’s their right to fulfill that mandate.

For an institution like the De La Salle community, it’s the right and privilege to serve everyone at all fronts. Providing our frontliners, some of whom have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Providing shelter. Producing and distributing PPEs. Providing food. Providing research facilities and medical analytics. Providing education through cyber means. Providing psychological and psychiatrical services. Giving direct monetary and goods to sectors in need. To adhere to our core values, religio, mores, cultura.

ALL are valid reasons. Accept their decisions to follow their hearts as to what is important to them.

Ask the same simple question. What is important to you?

For me, well I will answer you with this. Lasalyano ako!!!!! What do you think?

Live Jesus in our hearts.

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