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A humble suggestion I gathered from various conversations with friends, and various sources of information. To the government. You may agree or disagree, adopt or not. Can you also consider attacking this problem from a tax angle?

A. Business

Businesses are taking a tremendous hit from the absence of economic activity. Yet a lot of them are still providing the basic services needed (banks, groceries and supermarkets, wet markets, drugstores, and pharmacies). Government can set a period of time wherein these goods and services should be tax free, for instance, the lockdown period.

Then make a law for price freezing and empower the DTI to now have police powers to suspend any business engaged in profiteering. Their goods and services are already tax free. So the government can now go after them. As it is, it’s arbitrary with the suggested retail prices only, and the claim is always passed on costs.

B. Personal income tax of employees

You can opt also for tax free periods for these employees (nurses, hospital staff, sanitation, LGUs, banks, pharmacies, et. al). Instead of a big budget to fund hazzard pay, the tax free periods should at least partially sustain these employees during these emergency periods. It’s not additional cost to the employers. It might be argued as lost income for the government but consider this. Government is hiring these people at a tax rate, not at cost of employment. And government can lower hazzard pay budgeting since income is tax free.

C. Donations

Donations should be tax deductible, period.

D. Troll tax

You want to control trolls? Tax them. They’re easily traceable. There are electronic footprints.

I based these on conversations with friends, news, the internet, socmed, and general information. Since most of us are in lockdown and cannot travel much.

And most of us are using socmed for useless, destructive, divisive purposes. I haven’t really seen suggestions from the general public as to what to do.

In truth, nobody has the blueprint on how to battle this thing. Nobody has even initiated a suggestion box/suggestion site, to get as many feedback as possible. Remember, every country has its own uniqueness and peculiarities.

So I decided to start one. I think this is an out of the box viewpoint to pump prime economic activity in a recession situation. Nobody has thought of battling the virus with a tax strategy so here it is.

To the all knowing trolls, this is a suggestion. Government may consider this or not. It’s their call. But I decided to use socmed in this way. Positive. Suggestive. To help. Nothing more, no agenda. So if you bash this, that’s your true nature.

To the more level headed ones, from all political factions, please use socmed as I just did. Suggest. Comment. No idea is dumb. All are welcome. We need collective brains here, not superstars.

To the government, my suggestions have been humbly presented above. Also, you may set up a site to accept suggestions and comments. Screen out the bashers. Remember, there are unique situations in different barangays. There is no one solution for all.

To the private sector, continue to do what has to be done. Hope that suggestions such as I made, be considered. I think it will help.

And to everyone, if you are looking for one all encompassing solution, it exists. It’s called PRAYERS. Whatever religious denomination you come from, there is still one commonality we all share. FAITH. Pray to your Faith. After all, there are different telephones out there. But only one OPERATOR. Also known as our CREATOR.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts.

Thank you.

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