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Wow I’m booooooooooored!!!!! Everyone is. The length of the title says it all. I decided to write a piece for us to have some sort of entertainment, however stupid (as this is).

I mean did you see the sports events on socmed lately? They’re about DIE CAST CARS and MARBLES. Yeah you read it right. MARBLE RACING!!!!!! Everybody’s brains are now two marbles rolling around in a tin can!!!!!! Hahahaha.

Quite entertaining though. Did you see the productions of it? Very professional!!! Complete with very exciting commentaries. You find yourself cheering for your favorite marble!!!!! Go Green Marble!!!!!

Reminds me of my childhood days when we fashioned slivers of wood, polished them into the shape of boats, and believe it or not, race them in street canals. Really!!! Some of you, I suppose, are still alive to remember this. I AM!!! Hwag nyo nang tanungin. Buhay pa ako!!!!! Pati kayo!!!! Masasamang damo nga Tayo. Hahaha.

Well enough of the Wacky Races (another era memory). Let’s go to our favorite topic. Sports.

Let’s first take the NCAA. As you all know, all sports activities have been TERMINATED!!! Wow. I don’t know about you, but I never liked that word. Not in work (better pray they don’t), not in anything actually. And believe it or not, this is the first time I saw a league being terminated. And speaking of firsts, this is the first termination that I saw that was positive!

Well we have no choice. It’s a choice of health vs. entertainment. Actually, life or death. And guys, these are our kids/grand kids. I mean we can take other people shouting invectives at them while playing on court, or ignore those toxic fans on socmed. What do they know anyway? Co virus yourselves!!!

The termination of the NCAA protected our children/grand children, well, everyone actually, including those socmed trolls whom you may have wished otherwise, but actually no. Be bigger people than them.

Well the NCAA’s school calendar still follows the old Philippine school calendar or is in transition towards the international calendar. So, stopping hostilities at this point in time only sacrifices the end activities, so I guess they decided that it’s enough.

But there was something peculiar about the decision. Apparently, it included a weird provision wherein last year’s champions were declared this year’s champions as well. Huh?

The only sport that I know that even remotely mimics this apparent lunacy, is boxing (and we know that sport is as dirty as it gets). Well there are rules like if a person gets head-butted or fouled, resulting in an unrecoverable cut, the match is declared a technical draw if before the 4th round or will go to the judges scorecards after which. In case of a draw in any case, the champion retains the title.

And this was painful to our volleyball teams, who were doing very well before the stoppage. Excellently, actually. Our Lady Blazers where unbeaten!!! And we’re not declared champions? It’s after the 4th round mooks. Go to the scorecards!!!!

But yet, the Lady Blazers took it in stride. They said “no regrets!!” No problem. Next year na lang. What class!!!! Remember, these athletes are the ones training and studying hard all year. Must be frustrating but hey, what can you do?

This segue ways perfectly to the UAAP case. Right now, it’s officially just suspended. And unlike the NCAA calendar, the UAAP follows the international school calendar now. So if they resume after the lockdown, there’s actually still time to continue.

And everybody wishes it does!!! Specially our community. Because like the Lady Blazers, the Lady Spikers are also on a mission. A redemption type of year, actually. And we unveiled a very determined group of 6 veterans and 8 very talented rookies, who served notice right in their first game. Against the defending champions and blood rivals, Ateneo, no less!!!! ( I don’t have to use “The”, do I?) Co virus them. Hahaha!!!!!

Seriously though, there is also a possibility of termination of hostilities again. And because of the NCAA “weird provision”, will the same “scenario” apply in such a case?

Hahaha. Don’t get us wrong really. We don’t care!!!! It’s an empty championship anyway. I mean what will they put on their t-shirts? Back to back Covid 2020 Champions? Would you wear that??? Again, co virus yourselves. Hey, these are not bad words!!!! Don’t bash me.

But, we do have a more serious problem at hand don’t we? The country is in medical lockdown. Stress Medical. Socmed is ripe with more serious and toxic trolling and political lines have been drawn in bold double lines!!!!! A now superstar young Mayor is apparently being bashed for thinking out of the box, while another one being similarly persecuted for staying in one.

Hey, come on!!!!!!! Do you really understand the problem? Don’t you feel it in your lives? The enemy is a virus. The enemy is smaller than a grain of sand!!!! It’s invisible. You can’t see it!!!! And yet your targets are human beings!!!! This time I will use these words. Go f___k yourselves. I mean the words are so bad for you, we can’t even print it!!!!

Let’s put accountabilities after we defeat this evil thing. Please.

Because look at what’s happening to the world!!!! It’s worse. People did not and are still not taking this thing seriously. They are doing the same as us. Political bickering, finger pointing, disdain for and dismissal of the virus. Look at the results. Morbid as it sounds, ladies and gentlemen, the consequence of all this stupidity is death. DEATH!!!!

How selfish can you be? Hoarding alcohol and masks??? I made the appeal in a previous post right? I will do so again. Please DONATE your surpluses to the heroes in this story. The doctors, nurses, health workers, police, barangay workers, bank employees, sanitary personnel. NOW.

Don’t you read? A famous hospital has now quarantined 150 of their medical doctors and staff for observation. If these people die, I will tell you outright hoarders. All deaths from this virus are all on YOU. No amount of alcohol will cleanse your souls!!!!

That’s why my appeal was also a polite one. It had please in it. And oh, it had blessings as well. Segue way God.

In whatever way or manner you recognize Him doesn’t matter. The belief is united. He ALONE can save us, can cure us from this. God, Jesus, Allah, Budha, Yahweh, Jehovah, the Force, and others I forgot, please help us. That’s my prayer.

And if you really want to find a reason or reasons as to why this is happening to us, introspect. Don’t you pray more often now and more importantly, pray with your families? Aren’t you closer with them? Isn’t Mother Earth healing herself now? Pollution is down, garbage disposal is more disciplined. And most importantly, isn’t God giving us all the chances to become better people, clean our souls, have a chance at Paradise? Not matter how morbid you look at this, it’s one of the greatest blessings of God that I have experienced in my lifetime!!!! Embrace the blessings by doing what’s right for other people. Don’t forget, it’s Lent.

I started this article in jest, not to offend. It’s a piece I decided write to poke fun around because I felt like the old man in that Boysen commercial and had nothing else to do.

But while I was writing it, some omniscient Force, compelled me, inspired me to also use it to guide, inspire, everyone, no matter what team you support, what group you belong to, what religion you are, which God you believe in. It’s time to unite. To inspire. To help. To be someone of substance. Well this is part of my way to help. I can reach people with my words. And it adheres to social distancing.

And hey, I don’t have marbles to race!

Stay safe everyone. Animo. God bless us all.

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