The Green Mind: My Thoughts on the 2-Year Residency Issue



All this brouhaha about the 2 year residency issue that the UAAP has implemented is just plain ridiculous.

Not only is it unjust, it may also be unconstitutional. Having a student sit out 2 years if he/she transfers from a UAAP high school team to another UAAP school for college is denying the constitutional right of a student to choose what school he/she wants to go to college to.

What if a student wants to take a course that is not offered by the school they played in high school for? Will you punish them by taking away 2 years of their collegiate athletic career? The students have paid their dues by playing their high school years and now the UAAP’s wisdom dictates that if they want to transfer to another UAAP school, they have to sit out 2 years.

Where is the wisdom in this? The UAAP is not a sports league but a political arena. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back. They put out outrageous rules like this but up to today I still have to see a written UAAP rulebook on many other matters that need to be addressed.

I have it from a very reliable source that the implementing rules and guidelines of this residency fiasco, has not yet been finalized. Well, the UAAP Board better think this out well. I can already see legal battles from parents regarding this.


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  • coolahbear

    It is usually the case here in the Philippines. Rules are made for the powerful majority who would directly benefit from the new rule. Simple as that.

  • Erwin S

    Plain ridiculous and malicious if you ask me.  Old boys mentality at play here.

  • Erwin S

    The fricking UAAP Board is so biased against us!! They recruited blue chip La Salle players from us in the past and we didn’t utter a squeak in protest, now, we got some players from non-UAAP schools and they are crying foul. What gives here??

  • coolahbear

    Lots of selfish members in the board. They are not forward-looking and make rules that many generations of board members will find fair, pragmatic and institutionally sound!

  • No To 2-year Residency!

    only UP and ADMU rep didn’t vote for the of the selfish members in the board is Green. 😀