The Green Mind: La Salle Gets The Job Done!

La Salle starts out slow but confident. Norbert Torres breaks the ice. Early on, Norbert is dominating the boards and Teng is driving to the basket. It looks like Norbert is showing some new found strength as he is defending and rebounding with authority.

Adamson looks tight. They are giving La Salle the opportunities with turnovers and missed foul shots. So far, the Archers are not getting the turnover points.

Then Norbert Torres starts to show that the Bear is no longer hibernating. He, along with LA Revilla and Joshua Webb lead an 11 -0 run. Again, La Salle’s bench comes alive. In addition, the defense is really tight. Adamson has to work hard to get points. The Falcons only shot 3 of 17 in the first quarter

The first quarter ends with La Salle on top, 17 –8.

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