This game was a golden opportunity for La Salle to strengthen its bid for a playoff slot at the expense of the team crowding us for the 4th playoff slot – NU. . However, things did not go according to plan as the Archers lost to the Bulldogs, Archers 62–72 today at the SM MOA Arena. The loss droppedLa Salle to 7-5, while NU broke our tie in the loss column, improving to a 7-4 record.

Unlike the first round matchup which went to two overtimes, NU dominated this encounter, leading by double digits for most of the second half, led by Bobby Ray Parks who burned the nets for 32 points. Jeron Teng ledLa Salle with 20 points and 4 assists followed by Almond Vosotros who registered 13 points, all in the second half.

After a tight first quarter, the Bulldogs went on a scoring spree in the second period to lead 36-26 at the half. In the third quarter, Parks waxed hot, scoring 17 points to help the Bulldogs lead by as many as 16 points.

La Sallemanaged to cut the lead to single digits at the start of the fourth quarter, but Parks managed to hit even the most improbable shots to maintain the margin until the end of the game.

The Bulldogs were more aggressive throughout the game, driving the lane and taking the ball to the basket, and this aggressiveness found favor with the referees who awarded the Bulldogs with 30 free-throw attempts as compared to the Archers’ 7. NU also won the rebounding department 47-32 but had 17 turnovers as compared toLa Salle’s 9.

The loss, while discouraging, does not mean thatLa Salleis out of the running for the playoffs. But the Archers will need to win the last two assignments against FEU and Adamson, and hope that NU either sweeps its matches, or if it loses to FEU, loses one more of its 3 remaining games.

NU on the other hand will still face Ateneo, UP and FEU.

Note: This game marked the return of team captain LA Revilla who missed a good number of games thanks to a chronic ankle injury that he sustained in the past. He scored 2 points in 9 minutes of playing time.

Box Scores:

DLSU 62 – Teng 20, Vosotros 13, Van Opstal 7, N. Torres 6, Mendoza 4, T. Torres 3, Manguera 3, Andrada 2, Tampus 2, Revilla 2, Webb 0.

NU 72 – Parks 32, Alolino 11, Rosario 6, Khobuntin 6, De Guzman 6, Mbe 4, Javillionar 4, Villamor 3, Singh 0, Rono 0, Betayene 0.

Quarter Scores: 15-15;26-36;45-56;62-72

 Women’s and Junior’s Basketball Updates

Renzo Subido

The Junior Archers lost to UST 63-85 to fall in a tie with ADMU for 4th at 5-5. Renzo Subido was the lone bright spot for DLSZ as he led the team with 33 points.

UST 85 – Martin 41, Bahia 8, Ungria 7, Soriano 7, Lavarias 6, Mayor 4, Corre 4, Baetiong 4, Berdijo 2, Abuyen 2, Syyap 0, Ramirez 0, Garcia 0, Dandan 0, Borje 0.

DLSZ 63 – Subido 33, Saubier 11, Banzon 6, Aljun Malecio 4, Samonte 2, Aleck Melecio 2, Manguera, Evangelista 2, Andaya 1, Quintos 0, Cruz 0, Cabbarus 0, Abanilla 0

Quarterscores: 22-9;47-28;71-48;85-63

Lady Archers

In women’s basketball, DLSU had a field day against winless UE as they won 81-47. The Lady Archers maintain a share of 2nd place with Adamson at 9-3.

DLSU 81 – Abaca 22, Viterbo 13, Vela 9, Melendres 7, Ramos 6, Piatos 6, Wilson 4, Santos 4, A. Ong 4, Corcuera 4, M. Ong 1, Dagdagan 1, Pineda 0, Gonzales 0, Garcia 0, Dawis 0

UE 47 – Ventura 26, Media 6, Junsay 6, Doqueza 4, Valdez 2, Puno 2, Chan 2, Zamora 0, Floralde 0, Alfuente 0

Quarterscores: 19-9;37-20;57-31;81-47

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  • VedastoPadilla

    Archers had no answer for Mr. Parks. Parang tanong ng teacher kay Pedro, bakit wala kang assignment, sagot, mam wala po akong ballpen. sagot ng maestra bakit ka pa pumasok. Bawi na lang tayo. At least we are playing in a good league. Wala nga lang ballpen.

  • hasky

    Honestly our big men namely Norbert, The Circus Bear, cause us this game. Sorry for sarcasm I am just so disappointed with this guy. Ok let’s accept the fact that his game before (abroad) is more on the wing position.
    But common I know Sir Jun Limpot is coaching you so hard, USE THE BOARD MY FRIEND.
    He is like a Grizzle Bear against smaller, bulkier big men but against taller and athletic big men he is a Circus Bear. We lost to Arneyo because he can’t step up against Slaughter, Chua etc.  In the last UP game his on feast against Soyud but when Ball guarded him his offense dipped. Betayene killed the Bear 🙁 Good luck against the physical big men of Feu and I hope Brondial and Camson wouldn’t out work you. If only Jovet have your height,definitely we can stop the 5peat of Arneyo.
    I sound too cocky hear but I am just voicing out my disappointment. If we want to contend for the tittle our big men should step up there game. Correct me if I am wrong, is this the last season of Norbert? Let’s all hope that Avo will be the real deal in the coming season. Plus the toughness defensively of Papot and Fonso. Hope this 3 big men step up their game and make Jun Limpot proud.
    Live Jesus in our hearts forever!

  • Ondoy

    The poor playing of the bear and officiating killed us. 

  • JunVilla

    BENCH THE BEAR! He is a scaredy cat. Afraid to get hurt. Doesn’t bang bodies in the paint. Refuses to make bank shots. He will be safe from harm in the seats. AVO is the hope. Make him angry. Give him a killer instinct! Make Yutien the regular first five member. Remove that fraidy bear, please!

  • bing green

     The refs have yet to catch up with the matuwid na daan way of thinking. They may be called officials but only in the basketball court. Nothing to brag about to their sons and daughters that they did their job with respect.       

  • turin55555

    I did not catch the game. From the previous games that I have seen on TV, there is nothing really exciting on how they play except for the emergence of Jeron’s game.
    A shake up on player assignment is needed. If we play big, the frontline should be Andrada (alternating with Jovet) at center, Van Opstal (alternating with Papot) at PF, Norbert (alternating with Webb) at SF, Jeron (alternating with Dela Paz or Tampus) at SG and LA (alternating with Almond) at PG. Tallo will be the combo guard. Small ball would be Jovet at C, Norbert at PF, Jeron at SF, Tampus or Tallo at SG and LA/Almond at PG.
    Norbert is big but slow. Frankly, I do not know exactly where would he fit in the rotation.
    The team missed this important (most crucial?!) assignment. The only optimism I am looking on now is the right play that each player provides every second while in the playing court. Most of them perform tentatively and at times lost in plays. Defensively and offensively, make the opposing players work harder on you guys (make your presence felt) – not the other way around.  Be a step ahead all the time.

  • coolahbear

    It looked to me like the game was “rigged” in favor of NU! What can you say about the officiating…about the board’s decision to replay the FEU-NU game? I thought the referees’ decision to count Garcia’s basket at the dying seconds was supposed to be final? Why did the board members bend to this year’s host university? Tsk Tsk Tsk.

  • johnstockton873

    Rayray owned us yesterday, no excuses for that.
    Was it just me that observed his first two shot clock “buzzer beater” shouldn’t have counted? The light has turned red when the ball was still in his hands. Maybe we could bring this up to the technical committee?

  • johnstockton873

    On Shooters:
    Since we lack shooters, Jed should be given more touches so that’s he’d be a force offensively too.
    Not unless very wide open, Norbert should NEVER shoot outside the paint and should POUND it hard inside like a fearsome bear vis-a-vis Yogi Bear.

  • moowjuang

    What the heck happened to the team?! The players? The coach? The asst. coaches? What were you guys thinking yesterday?!  I would suggest the whole team should get psychiatric help… not for craziness, but to build self confidence for both the players and the coaching staff! Allow me to say something quoting from a former football player from NCAA…he said…”when we have a game, we geared up thinking we are going to WAR! We give all out for the WIN!”

  • moowjuang

    By the way, can the coaching staff do something with “Winnie the Pooh?!”

  • moowjuang

    The bear is suppose to be a BEAST! Train him to become like “The Beast”!

  • renan2454

    It was a crucial game that team not thinking…..Coach gee forgot Mac Tallo as good defender of his team. Sana sinubukan ng coaching staff si Tallo kung kakayanin niya si parks….Remember..we won against UST dahil sa depensa ng batang ito…we almost lost in UP but when C. G used him in the 4th qtr…..lumakas ang depensa at opensa natin….anyway lost is a lost…

  • giocruzrises

    I’ve been watching the games closely of the Green Archers since the start of the season.
    In terms of consistency, Norbert and AVO have improved the least. Jeron, Almond, Yutien, Jovet, and Jed are the ones who are consistent and decently improving. The rotation problem has been minimized by the 
    coaching staff, it’s just the big men inside the paint that are killing us in these crucial games.
    See, NU was already double team-ing Jeron Teng since NU has learned from  his 35-point mark, matching Parks’ points, in their last encounter. It is clear that the Green Archers were not composed this 2nd round encounter against the Bulldogs. Though I saw the numerous of pick and roll feeds to Norbert and AVO, these two powerful men just could not connect. When they are being passed in a pick and roll, they usually turn the ball over instead of an easy basket or a free throw.
    I believe the team composition of the Green Archers isn’t a problem in any angle. We have the consistent 
    leading scorers like Teng and “Voso-tres” plus other consistent ones. We have decent defenders like Jed, Yutien and Jeron as well. But adding AVO and Norbert Torres both in the offensive and defensive end,
    we will be a tough team to be faced with.
    Well, no questions about the questionable numerous calls of the referees. It is to be considered that the Green and White squad was conscious of incurring more fouls so the boys had a loose defense. 
    The statistics are pretty insane as well. For NU – DLSU: FT attempts were 30 – 7 and TOs were 17 – 9.
    No question about the rebounding stats though. We were definitely out-rebounded. 
    We can win our remaining games and make it to the “Final Four” goal this season, if we’ll learn from this game. Making it to the Final Four this season would mean a higher probability of a championship title next season.
    Looking forward to LA Revilla’s full recovery come the next game. I feel that the team needs his presence and leadership skills to make a more composed Green Archers.
    Keep the faith! Animo La Salle!

  • Army Green

    The Archers did not come prepared being complacent and have no desire to win.

  • Army Green

    The Archers came unprepared for this game showing complacency and lack of desire to win. I think the whole team and coaching staff did not realize the consequences of losing this game. That crucial FEU game will be a make or break. 

  • bing green

    Just don’t think we should be too hard on our players. We were obviously outplayed by three veteran players in the court that game – the three referees.They were very smart in their ways too. Aside from the garapal calls they did in the first half they called fouls every time we scored in the second half giving NU a chance to get even. And maybe Parks felt it earlier that’s why he was fearless in driving in every chances he gets. It was the opposite for our players cause although they felt them slapping and hanging every time they drive in it’s not being called.    

  • VedastoPadilla

    What NOW, are we out of contention na ba or should we do wishful thinking that somebody beats somebody para makapasok sa final 4??? To my knowledgeable schoolmates in this league pls give me a comment para naman ma shorten ko iyong bakasyon and start working naman.

  • sahmjoseph

    baka may mag lipat bakod next year.. d na ako magugulat

  • moowjuang

    Basketball is a physical sports. So get physical! Otherwise, choose dancing to be more GRACEFUL!

  • coolahbear

    Why force the issue inside? Lots of misses with NU’s intimidating tall guys ruling the paint and blocking a good number of our attempts. We can’t crack their zone defense as our outside guns remained quiet. As we approach the final 4 stage more of the zone d will be employed. Without a threat from outside we won’t be successful against the current 4 pretenders to the title. Simply said we need good outside shooters next season.

  • Erwin S

    We weren’t prepared to deal with Parks, it’s as simple as that. We have to be more aggressive on offense and defense;  and we can’t keep on relying on Jeron to bail us out. Dapat maraming offensive options.

  • PandaFiesta

    Let’s now get athletic African-Americans. Only us and ADMU don’t have one, do we? Agree?

  • moowjuang

     @PandaFiesta I don’t quite agree getting foreigners to play for any local team. Let’s focus on getting from within the country and nurture them while still young.  I’m sure there are many talents somewhere out there waiting to be discovered.

  • Schemer

    pinipilit ni torres mxado ung shots nya

  • Schemer

    pilit masyado mga tira ni torres at hindi dn gnun kalakas rebounding nea. hindi lng tlga xa pang center, masbagay dun si AVO. Sana rin hndi na gawing no. 1 scoring option c torres, kay teng nalang total mashasa naman c teng.

  • Nate Nate

    Right now, I don’t care if we don’t win a title this year… We just need to go all out and snatch that final four slot… It’s hard to watch your big men have a darn difficult time to hit a basket at close range…

  • turin55555

     @VedastoPadilla Well, if you ask me we are almost done for the season. Like what you’ve mentioned, we are basically dependent on other teams’ performance… The game against NU was the most crucial after they got a favorable outcome from their protest against FEU… The replay between NU and FEU is a game that NU wants it more to win than FEU taking it… FEU basically doesn’t need to win that one either unless they want to get the no. 2 seeding… We need to win all our remaining games though – including against FEU… Our season practically ended after the recent loss…

  • VedastoPadilla

    Homegrown as against FX players? Where do you guys stand? Umpisahan ko. If next year 76UAAP this FX players will dominate the AMATEUR league this will be my last UAAP that i will watch. Without prejudice to them they are just using this league to go to the next level the PBA. I did not travel 13,000 miles just to watch FX players, play for my school.

  • CenterRebound

    @turin55555 BENCH THAT TIMID BEAR! He does not know how to fight down low. He shoots bricks almost always. Yutien should be the man. AVO must develop an anger, fighting animo down low

  • Marl Lights

     @PandaFiesta meron…si Norman Black 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Marl Lights

     @turin55555  @VedastoPadilla guys…we just have to win the last 2 to assure ourselves w/ a tie…if the numbers will fall into places baka automatic Final 4 pa (4th place)

  • sowch

    @turin55555 @VedastoPadilla keep faith.. remaining games are still winnable..