Jeron Teng

Norbert Torres had his arms raised skyward as he was defending Blue Eagle Nico Salva, who had the leather and was standing barely 13 feet from the basket. The latter tried spinning to his right to outmanoeuvre the six-foot-six Torres, but was blocked as he faded away for a jumper. The ball, however, was promptly picked up by Ryan Buenafe, who found himself all alone beneath the basket. Buenafe wasted no time putting back the leather through the hoop for two of his game-high 24 points.

That play perfectly encapsulated the second game between La Salle and Ateneo. The Green Archers staged more comebacks than a celebrity trying to get back into the limelight, but each time they chopped the lead of their rivals, they found their baskets answered by either Ryan Buenafe or Kiefer Ravena.

Buenafe scored 24 points as the Blue Eagles withstood the Green Archers, 67-77, in a battle of two streaking teams earlier today at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, which snapped their four-game winning run. The Archers, who have hitherto not dropped a contest since August 4, absorbed their fourth setback against six wins, allowing the idle NU Bulldogs to forge a tie with them at the fourth spot.

LA Revilla, who averaged 11 points and five caroms per contest in the first round, sat out his third straight game with a sprained left ankle, while Yutien Andrada, who had previously missed La Salle’s last two contests because of a foot injury, saw action and was fielded for 11 minutes and contributed four boards and a rejection.

Jeron Teng, who nailed a buzzer-beating game-winner against the UST Growling Tigers in their last outing, led the Archers with 22 points, although he bled for his points as he shot 6-of-21 from the field. But to his credit, the younger Teng managed to nail eight of his 12 free throws for a 67% clip from the charity stripe.

As a team, the Archers shot 34% from the field as compared to the 42% showing by the Blue Eagles, but managed to turn the rout into a humdinger of a contest by outrebounding and out-assisting the defending champions. With the Archers down by sixteen at the end of the first stanza, it was Almond Vosotros who allowed the Green and White to slowly claw their way back into the contest, pouring in 14 of his 20 markers in the second canto as La Salle narrowed the once-sizeable gap into a six point margin at the turn.

La Salle was also able to limit Ateneo to only nine points in the second canto, allowing them to eat into their lead. The insertion of Oda Tampus early in the third period enabled La Salle to trim the Ateneo lead down to a basket, 33-35, with 7:33 remaining But Buenafe, together with other Blue Eagles, was able to pad their lead to eight, 50-42, courtesy of a six-to-nothing blitz.

Teng poured in 12 of his 22 in the final canto to try to snatch the win from the Blue Eagles, and two of his free throws were able to bring the Archers to within seven, 63-70, with a little more than two minutes remaining, but an and-one play by Salva all but sealed the win for the Eagles.

Despite the loss, however, there are lots of positives that could be salvaged in the contest for the Green Archers.

For one, Ateneo’s physically-imposing big man Greg Slaughter groped for form as he mustered only five points in 36 minutes. Slaughter had been averaging nearly 14 points a game entering the contest.

Another one came in the form of Archer Oda Tampus, who had previously averaged six minutes and two points per game but came off the pine to drop eight points on an impeccable 4-of-4 shooting in only 15 minutes of action.

And finally, the charity stripe proved to be an ally instead of a foe for La Salle in the match, as they nailed 15 of their 21 attempts from fifteen feet for a commendable 71% showing.

The Next Game: The Green Archers will be trying to remove the stigma of this loss against the Blue Eagles this Thursday, September 6, when they lock horns with the UP Fighting Maroons at the MOA Arena. Game time is at 4 .pm.

Notes: Before the start of the match, a moment of silence was given by both schools to honor the late former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, who perished in a plane crash last August 18; including today’s game, the Archers have lost 11 of their last 12 meetings against their arch-rivals, dating back to the 2008 season.

The Scores:

AdMU-77-Buenafe-24, Ravena-18, Salva-12, Tiongson-10, Slaughter-4, Chua-4, Sumalinog-3, Gonzaga-2, Elorde-0, Golla-0

DLSU-67-Teng-22, Vosotros-20, Van Opstal-8, Tampus-8, Torres, N.-4, Manguera-3, Mendoza-2, Andrada-0, Paredes-0, Torres, T.-0, Tallo-0, Webb-0

Quarterscores: 26-10, 35-29, 57-46, 77-67

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Women’s Basketball Update

The Lady Archers defeated Ateneo 48-45 last Friday to remain in solo third at 7-3

Box Scores

DLSU 48 – Viterbo 12, Piatos 10, Abaca 9, Ong M. 5, Wilson 4, Santos 4, Garcia 2, Corcuera 1, Melendrez 1, Ong A. 0, Ramos 0.

ADMU 45 – Mercado 16, Jose 11, Chua 7, Dimaano 6, Ong S. 2, Aseron 2, Bo-ot 1, Nitorreda 0, Tiu 0, Castro 0, Javier 0.

Quarter scoring: 11-14, 24-21, 32-31, 48-45.


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  • GreenEye

    I think  tampus is a good substitution for teng instead of using web. While almond should stay at 2 position to maintain his stamina and use either torres or tallo at 1 position when LA is not around. 

  • VedastoPadilla

    Good job guys we can do it next time, one step backward championship forward. weather weather lang iyan.

  • blugreen

    well, sana nga na limit natin si tangkad, eh deliberate daw yun sabi ni nb, kaya nga nasa starting 5 si buenfe, at siya na libre siyang mag shoot nalang ng mag shoot sa gusto niya, kasi lahat nga tangkad natin naki sayaw kay tangkad nila…buti nalang wala yun maliit na isang tangkad nila na si jp….talo pa rin, sab pa ng mga agila, ito na daw yun last game nila with us for this season…so ano ibig sabihin nyan…they are not expecting us sa 5 peat nila…

  • bing green

    From here on the focused is taking care of our four remaining games. In the process we find out how to handle Slaughter, Buenafe and Ravena for our next encounter. Glad AVO is finding his way to the ring wherein it could help us in future games. Although he hurt us in this game because he wasn’t ready to fight for the ball and missed the passes aimed at him early in the first quarter. Unlike the past games we never got our offense started by distributing the ball and getting everybody involved. It’s always difficult winning games when only a few contributes. Happy that Tampus stepped up by finding his own shots showing also how seasoned he is and can deliver. Buenafe and Ravena had their way and couldn’t be stopped. Best way to stop this is by giving them a hard time getting their offense/play started through tight guarding on the pg.
    For now forget about this game and let’s take care of UP. Get some positive energy by beating them so we’ll be mentally ready for NU. 

  • VedastoPadilla

    After the game i went to my favorite barber shop (since birth) para magpa-alis ng malas. Alam ng barbero ko la salista ako forever from PNT to ROTC siya ang barbero ko. He asked me a very good question. Do you like Ateneo to get their 5-peat? How? Is it through vs FEU<vs UST<vsDLSU<vsNU? Comment nila kung ang championship ay DLSU vs Ateneo , the way DLSU played 5-peat is in the bag. Ang tanong 5-peat or give way to other teams who have the best chances to destroy 5-peat.

  • Dafos

    If slaughter groped for form, it’s due to AVO’s excellent defense. For the first time, Slaughter’s up against a man tall enough to bother him.

  • Erwin S

    maybe it’s time to use Oda more in place of Jeron to keep them guessing.. Jeron is now a marked man to all our opponents. 

  • Erwin S

    Their (Blue Eagles) vast experience showed in this game, they have been together for a long time and we had no answer this time for (ugh) Buenafe. But I’m still positive about our team. AVO is slowly improving and that’s one bright spot. Animo!! 

  • Nate Nate

    …we allowed a slow, out-of-shape slob to kill us both inside and outside… and our opponent clogged the shaded lane limiting us to shooting medium to long range shots… we simply did not bring out our best in this one… still hoping for a final four appearance… 

  • bing green

     @Erwin S Yeah. Rabuenapwe took control of the game with little resistance every time they drive to the basket.

  • ez101

     @Nate Nate  slob and out of shape alright furthermore always An A student during UAAP season and struggling to make grade to pass the rest of the year.

  • tilapia

     @GreenEye  tama ka pre!  webb? shoshot ng 3 points?  placed almond at 2., try making tallo handles the ball more at the point cause he can create offensive situations.

  • Dafos

    @tilapia @GreenEye

    Joshua has to be given playing time, it’s his last year. Jeron effectively took away Tampus’ playing time and unless the coaching staff makes the hard decision to play Tapus instead of Webb our guard rotation will pretty much remain the same.

  • mister104

    We lost the game in the 3rd quarter. I don’t know if anybody noticed but right when we were gaining momentum, when Tampus heated up scoring 6pts Coach Gee took him out, then Geron hit a 3-pointer Coach Gee took him out. When they were out our offense had no rythym at all wnd what happened? A 4, 5 point swing and we were down big again. Then Coach Gee took a timeout and brought back Jeron and Tampus.
    How can we overtake when you bring out your players who are heating up??
    However, I still believe we can beat the Eagles, just for this game, I think that was the pivotal point.

  • frenzvince

     @GreenEye Tallo is good in defense also…if he had been back to the court to control ravena….he can do it….Coach gee was dependent  more offense than defense in yesterday game. The coaching staff must anticipate that Blue eagles will double our scorer…we can win against ADMU …slaughter was already controlled….

  • dmvman

    damu always makes it a point to build a huge lead in the first quarter.they should know how to stop this.

  • moowjuang

     @Erwin S I second to that!

  • moowjuang

    What happen guys?! It was so frustrating! But, I’m still hopeful that we can still be in final 4.  I would like to make a statement regarding… FEAR THE BEAR…don’t you think it should be” fear the TEDDY bear”?! Maybe we should feed the Teddy Bear a couple of SNICKERS to turn him into a GRIZZLY BEAR! ^_^

  • moowjuang

    Oops! Don’t feed the Bear too much, he might hibernate, and we don’t want a hibernating bear either! ^_^

  • greenie4ever

     @VedastoPadilla Mag champion na ang iba, wag lang Ateneo! If they win their 5-peat, we’ll never hear the end of it  – in terms of hype and media mileage. Baka magkaroon pa ulit ng coffee table book just for this feat just like their 2002 championship. I don’t think they will, though. Remember when we were aiming for our own 5-peat? Everything went our way until the Finals. I could be mistaken in my assessment – I can’t predict the future. I just hope I’m not. 

  • Nate Nate

    @ez101 A is for arrogant…

  • greenie4ever

    Vosotros and Tampus played really well! Teng was his usual scoring threat. We fell short with support from the other players.  The Bear had an off-day but at least he didn’t give up. Andrada didn’t play up to his standards – understandably, since this is his first game back from injury.  Our previous balanced scoring went poof!  I was pleasantly surprised that Tom Torres was inserted into the starting line-up but was disappointed with his performance – he made too many errors and some bad shots. I thought it was a good move by Coach Gee, probably to throw off Ateneo’s pre-game strategy and also motivate T. Torres to play inspired basketball. Sadly, the plan backfired. I hope the team will shake off the loss and focus on the coming games – if we are to make the final four. And we will. ANIMO!

  • BelieveLS

    Our team really did a good job in containing Greg Slaughter; however, we failed to do so with Buenafe. Sayang, the previous 2 games against ADMU were games that were “winable”.
    My Complains: 
    1) Why put AVO and Norbert together in the floor??
    Both guys lack a bit of essential basic skills. Norbert is a one-sided player. He does not normally use his left which makes him easier to defend. However, NorBear, without a doubt, gets the job done for La Salle. AVO, as we know, started playing basketball recently so he still needs to improve his post moves, basic defense, and, decision making skills. Putting both players together in the floor is a time-bomb for destruction.
    Recommendations: Norbear and Yutien/Jovet OR AVO and Jovet
    Norbear and Yutien/Jovet or AVO and Jovet, as seen in recent games, have chemistry. Moreover, Yutien/Jovet are pesky defenders and hard-workers under the basket which will compensate for their size against any big men in the league.
    2) Jeron lacks DEFENSE or is it just me?
    I am all praise of the skills of the rookie sensation but one, his DEFENSE. Jeron, without a doubt, is a gifted scorer; but, where is his “D”? This is a problem that I and my fellow La Sallian die-hards have been witnessing since the pre-season – his lack of the D. Against FEU, he was tasked to guard Tolomia and we know how that turned-out. Tolomia made the game winning basket. In the interview after that game, we saw FEU coach expressing that Jeron was the “weakest” defender of them all. And in the recent game, we saw this. Jeron, as seen, was hiding behind screens instead of guarding Buenafe face up. Thus, leaving Buenafe wide open to make a couple of jump shots. There was also a time, when La Salle was gaining momentum, Tiongson received a pass in the corner but Jeron gave a small ounce of effort to close out the 3 point shot. Result. La Salle’s momentum was broken. Yes, he gets a block here and there but that  just statistical measurements. If only there were statistics on denying receivers the ball and closing out, I am sure these are the parts of the box score that would be left blank for Jeron.
    3) Why isn’t Oda Tampus given enough playing time?
    Oda is a good defender and a great scorer! Why isn’t he utilized? He can run the floor, create his own shots, and defend well. His skills and talents are put to waste in the bench. Oda and Jeron, actually, play alike (except for the Jeron’s lack of D) – fearless and confident.

  • mister104

     @BelieveLS To add to this, why did they want to dump the ball down low to AVO against Greg?? They did this for multiple times and it only caused turnovers.
    And why in the middle of our run, when we were only behind by 2 pullout Oda and Jeron??

  • johnstockton873

    Tampus was a prolific scorer (80+ points in a game) in high school much like Jeron. I agree he is more effective in offense & defense vs Webb when playing ADMU.
    It’s bothersome to note that since 2008 we’ve had a 1-11 scorecard vs our “Archrivals”. Hopefully, we’re just seeing the ill-effects of sub-par DLSU recruitment/training since our suspension.
    Much improvement is evident though, that game wasn’t as bad considering no LA & <100% (seemingly) Yutien. If  we win the rest of the games especially vs FEU, we have a great chance for #2 or even #1. We will get back on our Championship track!

  • frenzvince

    The coaching staff need to make a play with lot of options and variations..I’d watched the replay of the game..We can beat  Blue Eagles if C. Gee really want to…Players inside the court  need to shot the ball whenever they are open to shoot…For curiosity…why C. Gee need to pull out Tampus when he was making the points….? Why did he pull out Mac Tallo when he was giving the assist to Vosotros and doing the great defense to Ravena….?Are these players not allowed to shoot….? What’s wrong with them…? What are the role of these players inside….? We won in the UST game because of the defense.. ..We almost win against FEU in 1st round because of the defense…How about Luigi de la Paz….? These players are losing their confident…..

  • blugreen

    lahat ng comments natin, kung naglaro pa ang mga to sa court PANALO TAYO!…..wala na bang comments na plain and simple na talagang NATALO tayo?
    natalo tayo sa game 2, kasi lahat tayo nakisayaw kay tangakad, ang coaching staff, hindi na nag isip ng adjustments hangang last seconds…hindi tulad ng ateneo, paglabas ng dugout after the break, iba ang pinapakita, minsan palpak, pero most of time, tinatambakan ang mga kalaban…wala ba tayong ganyan?

  • MakeItOrBreakIt

    Is it me or talagang ayaw pa ilabas ni Coach Gee ang mga plays na pina-practice nila? :)) Una sa lahat napansin niyo ba yung ginagawa ng Ateneo sa “threats” nila first qtr palang? Everyone shares the ball and shoots. Walang pake kung may bantay o wala, tira lang tira hanggang sa makuha ang range and then boom, points everywhere. If I’m not mistaken, ganto ang play ng mga players ni Coach Franz, lalo na sila Cardona, Tang, Casio alam na ang galawan. Ilang beses din nag hold back sa pag-drive si Jeron during the game (kung nababasa mo to Jeron, dapat sumaksak ka na kaya mo naman). I mean instinct nalang yun eh, kahit pagalitan ka pero yung kahit simpleng foul na makuha okay na yun, improving na rin naman free throws natin wala ng talo. Pang-gulo nalang yan si Slaughter eh, buenas lang talaga si Buenafe that day, Nico Salva nga huli na pinasok. 
    Then dun naman sa mga nagrereklamo na hinatak kagad si Jeron and Oda ng 3rd qtr, na-shock din kami magkakabarkada ano nangyari, parang may plano na ewan, di namin alam kung scripted o ano pero saksi ang lahat ng lasalista sa nangyari… ang bilis ng points, good defense lahat talaga… pero somewhat biglang boom ano nangyari. Pero talo eh bilog ang bola. Aim lang tayo ng final four and then make adjustments tapos nun tignan natin mangyayari.