Showing that their loss in Game 1 was a fluke, the Lady Spikers dominated Ateneo in 3 sets, 25-16, 25-22, and 25-13 to successfully defend their UAAP title and cement their position as one of the country’s best collegiate teams. Team captain Cha Cruz bowed out with a flourish, leading her team past the hard-fighting Lady Eagles today to clinch the finals MVP award.

Taking off from where they left off in game 2, the Lady Spikers dominated at the net early in the match, scoring 5 points on outright blocks and deflecting numerous attempts by Ateneo’s frontliners. In the first set, our offense matched Ateneo’s vaunted duo of spikers 10-9 while frustrating them, forcing them to hit take risks in their attempts to get past the seemingly impenetrable wall at the net. Ateneo only led at 0-1, before their successive errors  gave us the lead at 4-1. Ateneo briefly threatened at 15-all, before we pulled away at 19-15. Ateneo only scored 1 more point as the pressure exerted by our players’ sustained attacks forced more errors from the blue team. In a desperate attempt to pull a rabbit (eagle?) out of a hat, Gorayeb substituted Nacachi with Tajima, his lucky charm in game 1. To no avail.

The second set was more competitive, Ateneo managing to tie the score at 1-1  and again at 5-all before the Lady Spikers put some distance between the teams. Ateneo last threatened at 19-18, before the Lady Spikers’ steady play, sustained attacks, and tireless retrieving culminated in Ara Galang’s kill to end it at 25-22.

Ateneo gave some semblance of fight in the early part of the 3rd set at 2-all and again at 4-4 before the Lady Spikers showed their championship pedigree as they pulled away at 14-7. The demoralized Ateneo team only could manage 6 more points as our team ran away with the win.

The floor defense was also outstanding, allowing the retrieval of many attacks before turning them into points on the offensive end. Our net defense was also unforgiving, forcing the Ateneo attackers into risky attempts. While we had a couple of ugly service errors, in general the serve was an offensive weapon which the Ateneo receivers could not handle, ending up with Ferrer having to run after the pass and deliver awkward sets which could not be converted by the frontliners. Our reception was outstanding, getting the ball in prime position to Mika Esperanza who expertly varied her sets, and Ateneo had no answer to many of our offensive thrusts. And finals MVP Cha Cruz outclassed her counterpart Cainglet throughout the game, forcing Gorayeb to substitute her twice with de Jesus, but despite the enforced breaks, Cainglet never got going as she was closely marked throughout the match.

To our team captain, Cha Cruz, thank for your years of service to the WVT and to La Salle. And to the rest of the Lady Spikers, well done! Let’s do it again next year!

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  • jCaGaLaNg

    they were just AMAZING 🙂

  • Fantastic job by our Lady Spikers!! Thanks to Cha for her excellent play and all the years she shined as a Lady Spiker. She will be remenbered as one of the greats. Congratulations Ladies!!! BACK TO BACK OH YEAH!!!

  • pebrero1981

    Keep it up, guys!

    Go La Salle!


  • A M E N ! THANK YOU. i think y’all read my mind (what’s for dessert?) 3PEAT! now, let’s party and have fun !!!!!!! LA SALLE!

  • turin55555

    A glorious victory!

    A very sweet one. Love you all Lady Spikers.

  • Championship caliber for the La Salle WVT! Animo La Salle!

  • The Bowman

    At least two of the Lady Spikers are students of the College of Engineering — yes folks, that’s La Salle engineering, the real engineering where the likes of Anageom and Thermodynamics are hurdled to required GPA standards. Well, what more could be said except:

    Beauty, Brains, Bravura. Bravo!


  • I think it would be a fitting tribute to Cha Cruz’s illustrious career as a Lady Spiker to have her jersey retired. ANIMO LA SALLE!!!

  • Fred_Cebu

    I never doubted the outcome since day 1! Congrats ladies.

  • Sabi ko na nga ba kaya nila manalo against them in 3-straight sets..Yun ang tunay na laro nila.Hoping 3-peat is possible next season.Congratulations to Lady Spikers!

  • I found out that Gohing will also be graduating, hats off to one of the best liberos in the game. That girl has SPUNK!!!

  • Not only hoping…just do it! 3-peat here we come! BELIEVE…We can do it! Animo La Salle!

  • 4-peat pa…!!!

  • Congratulations again and again! Fantastic! Amazing! Awesome job! Animo La Salle!

  • Hoping the men basketball team will make us proud again come 75th UAAP season! Make us proud just like the WVT did! Please! Please! Please!

  • sb n nga bat kya nio yn! ang galing galing nio girls infairness ganda ng pinakita ni galang at esperanza! congrats hha

  • Congrats! Thanks Cha Cruz and Gohing Bonvoyage 🙂

  • John Christopher

    3-0 !!! Spell consistence. Spell quality. Spell tenacity. Bravo!!!

  • John Christopher

    Champion in a Centennial year –> Unique!

  • Joanne Cabrera

    Not to mention Leap Year pa! 🙂

  • Dorris Junasa Marzado

    Oh yeah!

  • Carlo Panganiban


  • Sheekah Bulonueco

    congrats knina! 🙂

  • Gerry San Miguel

    Great game, true team effort, excellent floor defense and blocking, great setting and offensive plays! Animo!

  • Jourdan Razo Fernandez

    What a dominating 3rd set performance! Way to show what the Animo is all about

  • Mars Stenseth


  • Alfred Jehiel Pulumbarit Ibarra

    LS = Live Strong ANIMO LA SALLE

  • John Christopher

    3-0 ! Beat that! Unbeatable!!!

  • Ico Logy

    i saw Charleen Abigaile R Cruz crying.. ayun.. pinawisan bigla mata ko eh.. am gonna miss her..:( she just broke our hearts with her leaving..:(

  • Bong Domdom

    Let’s give credit to the Other U by showing us that we are not invincible. It was a wake up call and something that Coach Ramil can use for mental prep in Season 75.