1 | Maria Mikaela Saquin Esperanza
Birthday: Nov 8,1993
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 1st year
Course: BS biology
High School: De La Salle Lipa

2 | Abigail Maraño
Birthday: December 22, 1992
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 2nd Year
Course: AB-PHM
High School: Don Antonio de Zuzuarregui Sr. Memorial Academy

3 | Jacqueline Alarca
Birthday: May 13, 1988
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 5th Year
Course: AB-PHM
High School: T.N.C.H.S

4 | Stephanie Mercado
Birthday: July 1, 1989
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 5th Year
Course: Interdisciplinary Business Studies (Marketing Management)
High School: St. Bridget School Quezon City

5 | Melissa E. Gohing
Birthday: Oct 22, 1991
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 3rd Year
Course: AB-PHM
High School: Hope Christian High School

6 | Diemmy Alexi Peligrina Tatlonghari
Birthday: August 9, 1992
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 1st year
Course: BS-ECED
Highschool: De La Salle Santiago Zobel

7 | Michele Theresa Imperial Gumabao
Birthday: September 2, 1992
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 2nd year
Course: Marketing Management
High School: School of the Holy Spirit QC

8 | Isabella Tubig Lepping
Birthday: October 8, 1991
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 3
Course: AB-ISE
High School: St. James Academy, Malabon

9 | Ma. Carmela V. Garbin
Birthday: September 12, 1992
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 2nd playing year
Course: AB-Psychology
High School: Hope Christian High School

11 | Charleen Abigaile Ramos Cruz
Birthday: May 11, 1988
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 4th year
Course: BS-PSYC
High School: St. Luis College Valenzuela

12 | Alexandra Denice Tan
Birthday: Oct 25, 1993
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 1st year
Course: Ab-LIM
High School: Hope Christian High School

15 | Clarisse Francesca T. Yeung
Birthday: December 14, 1991
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 2nd Year
Course: BS-Biochemistry
High School: ICA
Position: Center

16 | Joanne C. Siy
Birthday: March 3, 1992
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility): 2nd year
Course: AB-SPM
High School: Philippine Institute of Quezon City

18 | Cyd Thealee Alivio Demecillo
Birthday : December 02, 1993
Playing Year (UAAP eligibility) : 1st year
Course : AB-SPM
High School : University of Southern Philippines Foundation

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  • aj

    go la salle.. whatever happened last season is just a bad dream..
    i know and i believe you will get the trophy..

  • step_sy




  • rg

    what happened to villanueva who played with cha cruz in the beach volleyball tournament?

  • kaye

    wow..ganda pa rin ng line up. Sana mag.champion ulit kasi last year na nila mercado at alarca.Maging focus at consistent lang..God Bless You All

  • green charles

    I have a strong faith that they can outlast the tigresses this season..
    Believe ladies believe!!!

  • green charles

    I am wondering the same thing. She can contribute a lot to the floor defense of the team since she has the abilities of a libero! Maybe the coaching staff have other plans for her.. we just do not know for the meantime… God bless Amanda Villanueva!!


    Amanda Villanueva is part of the beach volleyball team only. Starting this season, DLSU decided to put up a beach volley team separate from indoor and she is the first member of that team.

    Since the team is still incomplete, they borrowed players from the indoor volleyball team like Charleen Cruz when they competed in the UAAP beach volleyball tournament

    Hope this clarifies

  • ANIMO 🙂 GO BIG M.A.C and the rest of the team 🙂

  • Crycesian

    At last Volleyball Season is upon us, going to see our Lady Spikers play. Hope that this will be a better season with the girls reclaiming the crown.

    Animo La Salle…

  • Observer

    But what’s the rationale for putting up a separate team for beach volleyball? Beach volleyball is good training ground for indoor.



    Not really. Beach Volleyball requires different sets of skills. Take note that the playing court is different and not because you’re good on the hardcourt means that you can also excel on the sand. Also, the school wants to avoid any injuries to the indoor volleyball team as like what happened last year. It’s better to have a different team for beach volleyball.

    The best training for the indoor team is participating in other tournaments.

  • aj

    im not from la salle.But im a big fan of la salle especially the Women’s volleyball team.Go Lady spikers..beat USTE

  • Joepet Yu

    Go Stephanie Mercado! IDol! Break A leg! Animo La Salle! ^_^

  • Observer


    I’m coming from what other volleyball coaches do or say. They let indoor players do beach for conditioning precisely because the court is different. That’s what I meant of good training ground. And even for skills and techniques, veteran players like Nene Bautista and Mic Laborte are effectively scoring in indoor using beach volley techniques as what you would always hear from commentators during games. So it’s the other way around. It’s not that if you’re good in indoor, you’re good in beach. It’s if you’re good in beach, most likely you’ll be effective in indoor.

    As to injuries, who got injured in beach volley among the indoor players last year?

    And, yes, best training is joining other tournaments, well, for me, that includes beach volley. So when is DLSU going back to V-league? I think time is due to patch up things with V-league especially with Tony Liao.



    It’s really a case to case situation. Some player benefit from playing beach volley and some don’t. La Salle has realized this that’s why they decided to create a separate team for beach volley instead of plucking out players from the indoor team. I think this is good decision to get players who are really more accustomed to play beach volley since they can get to train longer and really focus on this sport. For the indoor team, this gives them a chance to train as a TEAM rather than have 3 of their players work out individually and risk the chance of getting injured prior to the season. UAAP indoor volleyballl is admittedly more prestigious than beach volley right now so it’s best that our girls are well-conditioned and injury-free when the tournament starts.

    Not to everyone’s knowledge, One of the Lady Spikers was playing hurt last season because of an injury she sustained playing in the beach volley tournament a couple of months earlier.

    For the V-League. No word yet if DLSU will come still come back. Let’s see.

  • Observer

    In the case of DLSU on beach volley, its players like Datuin, Martinez, Gohing, Alarca, Cruz, Siy and Esperanza, I suppose, benefited from this sport, unlike other teams whose beach volley players are just sitting on the bench or are not being utilized during indoor. Existing indoor players not anymore crossing to beach volley may not be an issue, but for new talents like Amanda in beach volley not to have a chance to play indoor is an opportunity loss for both her and the team. As you said, indoor now is more prestigious than beach. Also, beach volley ends so quickly, so what else is there for Amanda for the rest of the season other than just being a spectator in indoor. Her 2 teammates are playing in indoor. This goes to all future beach volley players who can be potentials in indoor. Maybe every time there’s a case like this, it’s when you pluck out players from beach to indoor and just find new replacements for beach under this new policy.

    Who exactly was the player with an injury last season? Martinez?

  • the best prin sa lahat steph,,ilove her….

  • ike ledesma

    yes, it will be wise if we can patch up with whatever differences (pride) the team and coaches have other persons..like tony liao? is he an alumnai?, whatever difference they may have…well forgive and forget?

  • Observer

    I heard Tony Liao is from La Salle Greenhills then UST college.

  • ike ledesma

    to tony liao…let us not allow pride to rule our feelings, there is forgiveness and maybe to pray to that person or event that has caused whatever hurt feeling you entertain to take hold of you. whatever your decision is…that is yours…it would be nice if we can take this all to God..He is our final judge. God be with you tony including all His blessings on you and your family.

  • ike ledesma

    to “observer” i agree on your opinion re beach vo9lleyball players, and thanks for the info regarding tony liao’s schooling…i pray that he will come back and cheer for his school and not for it’s rival school.

  • Observer

    Yes, same here. I really hope Tony Liao goes back and supports the Team again and opens the door of V-league. But I also expect the Team to show interest on this. I’m sure Tony’s Sports Vision partner Mr. Ricky Palou will understand that, hehe.

    BTW, what’s happening to Joanne Siy? Why is she given very limited playing time? I know Gumabao is stepping up big but I don’t want also Joanne to eventually lose her confidence. She’s the best blocker and ROY of Season72. I hope both of them will have equal playing time.

  • ike ledesma

    your thoughts and opinion …you seem to know and read my thoughts on that!! yes..joanna siy should be given more playing time, you are right there that she might start losing her confidence. Because her playing time is so limited, she might be forcing herself to give more or take risk by thinking that she must produce in her short playing time. I also agree that Gumabao is doing great..and taller too? would you know their heights? your opinions are so much worth reading…kun sa tagalog pa (ilongo ako)..TUMPAK and AMEN!!

  • ike ledesma

    lookslike ramil read our thoughts and opinion…at last joana siy was given more time sa last outing against feu. Michelle gumabao will be a very big asset sa team lady spikers, her future looks bright!

  • Observer

    Yes, it’s good that Joanne was allowed longer time in that game. But I noticed Gumabao, and also Cruz and Gohing, were not playing well that cost them the 2nd set. That’s why they were pulled out and Gumabao was never brought back unlike the two. I still hope in the coming games Siy will be given equal time as Gumabao, even if Gumabao is not having an off-day. Either of them inside court, my confidence is the same. But the commentator, Anton Roxas (I think) in that game said that according to coach Ramil, it’s because of the emergence of Gumabao why Siy stays most of the time on the bench. So that’s the answer. We just have to trust Ramil on this.

    BTW, regarding the height, I don’t know either. I hope GREENARCHER.PH will include that info on the players’ profile above.

  • Anonymous

    …Everyone is looking forward for the crown..they all wish you will have the title and i’m one of those..may God always be with your team to guide you always..let the spirit be within each one’s heart of yours..ANIMO La Salle!!!

  • Observer

    Is it true that Shakey’s V-league organizers sent invitation letter to DLSU for its Season 8 summer league next year?

  • ike

    i too hope that DLSU will accept (if there is any) of the v-league organizers and join the season 8.. so that we can have something to hope and watch for the volleball games to keep on going…may our team stay humble in winning!! and getting back the crown…

  • ike

    I am speechless or writeless? he he he! their keys to winning is to give God the glory!

  • ike

    it might just be my imagination…how come it is always DLSU getting the penalties? is there some kind of a plot? how come the whistle blower does not blow his whistle on the first violation..it is as if he is waiting for more before he blows the whistle, so more deductions sa la salle wins? basketball and volleyball nangyari na ito. Dlsu management has to blame themselves too..

  • gio arcel

    natatakot na ba ang ibang team sa DLSU womens volleyball team kasi nararamdaman na nila na makukuha na ulit ng GREEN ARCHERS ang crown kaya naghahanap ng butas para walang kahirap hirap na makakuha ng kaunting puntos?

    >>>to DLSU Lady Spikers: Good Luck, God Bless all of you esp. MICHELLE I. GUMABAO… Idol talaga kita…tambakan nyo sila…lalo na ang UST…


  • ike

    “tambakan?” he he he…no need, basta manalo lang at makuha ang championship! Humility and grace in getting back the crown!!

  • hi michelle idol kita mag laro na valleyball ang galing mong mag serve ng bola kahapon
    bilib ako saya ang galing mo talo ang ue…..!
    no.1 idol mo ako !!!!!!!!

  • gio arcel

    oo nga ano? bakit nga ba tambakan ung term ko?
    God Bless Lady Spikers esp to Michelle Gumabao
    idol talaga kita…number 1 ang DLSU dito sa SULTAN KUDARAT

    i hope and pray na manalo kayo


  • gio arcel

    maayo gid tana maghampang ang La Salle kag hindi sanda hambog nga pareho sang iban. gani sila gid ang gusto ko nga team nga magchampion sa subong nga season kag sa magsunod pa.

    God Bless DLSU Lady Spikers esp. #7 Michelle I. Gumabao unta daghan imohang service aces nga mahimo unya versus FEU. ato suportaran ang DLSU Lady Spikers sa ila hampang karon alas dos sa hapon.


  • gio arcel

    ang galing talaga ni idol #7 Michelle I. Gumabao
    mas bigyan ka pa sana maraming time maglaro
    your a good spiker! practice lang lagi…

    God Bless You always

    Animo La Salle!

  • ike

    to gio arcel; cebuano ka ilongo ko..we are one in rooting for our dlsu team..remember that all our talents and skills comes from God, so let us hope that our players thank Him for that…in anything pasalamat lang sila sa ating Dios…thank you Gio for your messages.

  • gio arcel

    to ike; hindi ako cebuano,ilonggo man ko..mix language eh..
    sa nakikita ko every game ng dlsu hindi nila nakakalimutang magpasalamat sa DIYOS for giving them the strength,talents and skills. Thank you ike.

  • gio arcel

    to Lady Spikers; congrats for winning 3 sets vs. nu 10-1

  • gio arcel

    to idol #7 Michelle I. Gumabao; malapit mo na talaga makuha ung high percentage ng spike mo..more practice pa sa spike..pero sa blocking wala akong masabi…yuko ulo ako sa iyo at sa team nyo.maintain lang o kung may igagaling ka pa and your team go for it!

  • gio arcel

    to the captain Cha Cruz; magaling ka talaga.wala akong masabi sa team work meron kayo

  • ike

    daw ikaw gid ang number one fan sang DLSU lady spikers! let us just keep on praying for them, their health, attitude and teamwork!! tani nami man kun si joanna siy be given more time to play…anyway sure next year that will happen kay ma graduate na sila alarca and mercado.

  • gio arcel

    ginapangamuyo ko gid nga ang DLSU Lady Spikers ang mag Kampeon.

  • ike

    yes gio..i understand your ilongo mised with cebuano and filipino…i have stayed in dadiangas general santos for sometime and that is really the way the ilongas talk down there…mix mix? kabay pa ma keep up and improve nila ang intensity sa games nila. Continue to pray lang kita for their good health always, dala na da ang mind attitude nila in every game…coming na ang ateneo and ust!!

  • ike

    to gio: did you know that abigail marano is from pontevedra? melissa gohing from silay? fille cainglet and angela benting from bacolod? damo pa da players from negros occidental…they make us proud of them.

  • ikonita

    i love you michelle gumabao!!!

  • Yen

    An1mo Fight!

    Godbless po sa inyong lahat

    @stephanie: You’re the best talaga para sakin… I will be your 1 fan till the end.

  • gio arcel

    to ike; ang alam ko lang si A. Benting from Bacolod.thanks for the info.

  • gio arcel

    ang galing ng teamwork ng Lady Spikers.

  • gio arcel

    Round of Applause for La Salle!
    I’m speechless sa kahapong game ng DLSU vs. ADMU.galingan nyo pa sa mga susunod na laro lalo na vs UST.Magaling ang FEU kahit mga Rookie pa lang.
    >>>God Bless DLSU Lady Spikers esp. Michelle I. Gumabao Idol #7 practice pa.Pagaling ng pagaling ang spikes mo ah!

    Animo La Salle!!!

  • Kezanvicencio

    GALing talaga ninyo kahapon vs ust… congratz!

  • hello!!!!!! animo la salle!!!!!!!!!! what a hard winning battle with uste yesterday,but indeed,my favorite team win the battle….eventhough they became tough now i’m very confident that la salle will defeat uste in championship!go GUMABAO i’m a big fan of yours!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m so glad you win la salle!how I wish I can watch the championship fight b/w la salle and uste………..

  • gio arcel

    booing by the crowd is not really a negative approach it depends on how you accept it.USTe crowd and fans keep on booing the sophomore and rookie players of Lady Spikers.WHY?because they know that if GUMABAO,MARANO and ESPERANZA continue to play their best, it is a one-sided game in favor of the Lady Spikers.

  • gio arcel

    to Mika Esperanza; wag mo pansinin ang supporters ng USTe booing you,marami pa yan this coming finals,let them pay for that,make them shut their mouth as you play your best AS THE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.I’ll be praying for you and for the team.

  • gio arcel

    to Abigail Maraño;
    your quiet the last two games against USTe and Ateneo ah! asahan namin ang pagbabalik ng ONE OF THE BEST CENTER SPIKER and an excellent BLOCKER in the league.wag nyo pansinin yang mga supporters ng USTe.wala na kasi silang maisip na paraan para masira ang diskarte nyo kundi booing you kahit nakakawala poise.Every BOO..! get a point to silent the USTe crowd!

  • gio arcel

    to Jacq Alarca;
    you got the height,use it to get a quick point through block,drop ball and all kind of spike(running spike where your one of the best,quick spike and hard spike).i know you can do it.

  • gio arcel

    to Steph Mercado;
    you also got the height and your one of the HIGH LEAPERS,use them wisely,hit the ball hard,go for the angled spike and an excellect blocker.you can do it,Steph.God Bless

  • gio arcel

    to the Captain >> Cha Cruz;
    your one of the BEST RECEIVER,BACK ROW HITTER/SPIKER,BLOCKER and also one of the high leapers. can do an angled spike,good at corner spike and down the line spikes.HIT THE BALL HARD and earn points.GOD BLESS Capt.

  • gio arcel

    to Mel Gohing;
    a good first ball receive will give the team a point.i know your an excellent libero.ipakita mo yan this finals!GOD BLESS

  • gio arcel

    To Mich Gumabao;
    You are the no.1 and BEST BLOCKER in this season,ang matinding laban ay mag-uumpisa pa lang.play at your very best Idol,use your talent,skills and strength.practice hard in spiking and blocking.don’t be intimidated by the supporters of USTe,they want you to lost focus in the game because you’re the biggest threat,biggest thorn and the very GREAT WALL that they need to break to their way to the crown.nagawa mo laban sa Ateneo.Makakaya mo rin laban sa USTe.Just believe in yourself.sa service,you know your an excellent server and the USTe know that thats why they keep on booing you.GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

  • gio arcel

    to DLSU Lady Spikers;
    individually you got the talent,skills and strength in playing, thats why the team rank No.1.Be the strength,the inspiration of every team member.combine what you’ve got and play as ONE,for there is one goal.TO REDEEM THE CROWN!


  • Next time, please consolidate all your comments in one post if you will be writing them at the same time. Thank You

  • Anonymous

    Lady Spikers,
    You really MUST improve your floor defense and minimize unforced errors especially on the service line. You are giving too many points to your opponents. Causing your own defeat is the most painful experience in any competition. Don’t mind the UST community. Whatever they do on the gallery, ENJOY IT. You already have what it takes to regain the title. Don’t be in a hurry. JUST PLAY YOUR GAME. The La Sallian community trusts YOU and will always be behind YOU. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. GOD BLESS! ANIMO LA SALLE beat UST!

  • jc

    good luck on your game later …..

  • Anonymous

    Lady Spikers,
    Okay, if mental or psychological collapse, resulting to bad reception, poor floor defense, and other unforced errors, during a game is really part of your system, then SO BE IT. But, still, do your best to CORRECT it, otherwise, continue to MANAGE it as how you did in all your 5-setter games. Anyway, it’s not how you play the game but IT IS HOW YOU FINISH THE GAME, AND THE SEASON. I miss the Lady Spikers who win a game in 3 or 4 sets. Please don’t get me wrong. Do not be pressured. JUST BE YOURSELVES ON COURT. WE TRUST YOU and WE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. Now, LET’S DO A TOTAL SWEEP OF SEASON73 ON COURT. Again, don’t be pressured. ANIMO LA SALLE beat UST! GOD BLESS! Thank you GIRLS for making US proud.

  • Mahvaeight009

    goodlock po sa game. 😀
    ang cute-cute talaga ni Ms.Libero na c Melissa Gohing. ^_^

  • Irishtura

    mercado my idol galingan mo super….
    gusto ko kau ang manalo ngaung championship…
    idol talaga kita super……

  • Darrelastilla

    galing at ang cute nina mercado specially c guMabao!galing2 nio po! 😀
    IDOL q kau!GODBLESS! 🙂 i love gumabao! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Indeed, YOU truly made a complete SWEEP (on court) of Season73 and showed us again a win in 3 sets which I already missed, hehe. CONGRATULATIONS for the TITLE and all your individual awards! YOU GIRLS deserve it! THANK YOU for giving this pride and glory once again to DLSU, and SPECIAL THANKS to Jacq, Paneng, &, if ever, Cha, God Speed on your next tasks. Enjoy your victory GIRLS and see you in Season74. ANIMO LA SALLE! GOD BLESS!

  • gio arcel

    Congratulations Lady Spikers !!! para sa inyo talaga yan. Lalo na kay Idol Mich Gumabao.Hindi lang kayo malalakas, magagaling pa.
    magkitakita ta sa next season! I Love You Idol #7 MIG.

  • M-kaye

    …,To my idol michelle gumabao just go,go,go fight,fight,fight. im so proud of you just practice hard and ipalabas mo talaga ang iyong big,big talent,…

    Your fans,
    Marliah Kaye Anipan

  • gio

    to Ms. Everything Capt. Cha Cruz;
    1 more year please…sana maglaro ka pa sa Season 74.

  • ritz

    to ms. stephanie mercado;
    CONGRATULATOINS to U and the rest of the team.. U really are a “SHOWSTOPPER”!ain’t nobody can do it better….Goodluck to all your future endeavors..
    ANIMO LA SALLE!!!!!!

  • gladysLooove


  • allen beato

    i love u
    mika esperanza
    stephanie de vega mercado
    charleen abigaile ramos cruz
    and jacq alarca!!!
    congrats to the champs!! i watch the game 2 live!
    its my first time..i am the only one la salle fan sitting on the ust side because of my sister.she is a ust fan.. but me, im forever lassalista..
    i will miss u very much steph.. 🙁
    i wish that ate cha will still play for next year.. i will wait for u ate cha..

  • Pee132007

    hope carmela and clarrise can play this 74th season


    ang gagaling nyo talaga at ang gaganda pa …… sana ipagpatuloy nyo lang ang pgiging magaling , , , , . . . “i love D L S U” lalong lalo na kay ate JACQUELINE ALARCA ….

  • Mikaareno1.o4(:

    Im hoping so much na maglalaro pa si Cha Cruz this season74. And sana magagaling din mga rookies nila this coming season!! Lets support them. A N 1 M O♥♥

  • Philipalmorepatrocinio

    go lady spikers! hoping that you will return to shakeys v league we miss you guys

  • Stephanieaddict

    I will miss Stephanie Mercado

  • Blue_hounds23

    I will miss Stephanie Mercado.. Hope we’ll see each other

  • Luvindina

    i’m so happy that cha cruz will use her last year to play this season…
    but i’m sad too because i can never see steph mercado and jacq alarca playing inside the court again