In celebration of the long and rich history of the De La Salle University football field, a grand Kickoff celebration will be held this coming October 1.

This whole-day affair will boast a lot of fun activities which includes a bazaar and a concert in the evening. DLSU alumni celebrities will grace the event.

The highlight of the event will be a mini football tournament wherein all former varsity players, students, alumni and even school personnel are invited to join. Yes, even the non-football die-hards are also most welcome to drop by in this special occasion.

Special awards will be handed out such as Oldest Player, Most No. of Players from a Team, Oldest Uniform etc.

Entrance fee is only PHP100. Open bar will start at 3PM.

Rain or shine, let’s all be there to send a final kickoff to the football field before it gives way to a new school building.

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  • eugene

    pwede po bang pumunta ang student ng DLS – CSB?

    I dont see any problem with that

  • richard

    I’m saddened to know that one of the icons of La Salle will cease to be. It would be like cutting the tree at the amphi.

  • RFJ

    it’s like a piece of you being taken away… just like when the gym was taken down just like that… at least this time there’s some sort of a warning (thanks to technology)… that bonsai field is the only place left that’s open…. sooooo sad =(

  • Jorge

    That field is the prettiest part of the school. Historic, too. It’s sad that the campus will lose its last remaining open space. 🙁

  • Johnroe

    so dlsu wont have a football field anymore? =(

  • marion

    are people from other school allowed to join?

  • cat

    Oh no!! I didn’t know that they were planning on constructing a building on the field. Where will the football players play and practice now? Not entirely sure how I feel about this development. Our field was the best!


    They will move to the Rizal Memorial Football Field. DLSU entered into a tie-up with PSC to rehabilitate and manage the venue

    As for the open space, there will be a lot of changes happening in DLSU in the coming years. Some existing structures will be demolished and will move to this new building. So don’t worry about the school losing open spaces.

  • Gani

    So sad the GREENest part of the university is going away, always love to see the football field from the LRT train. Kawawa naman ang mga damo, hindi na lang pinalampas.

  • Lou

    They first forgot about the concrete Archer etching fronting the old gym across the benches and destroyed that; now they take away “the field”. We celebrate a hundred years and yet no institutional memory of what to retain.

  • Ira

    the archer is still there. that was donated by the alumni (athletes). their names are etched on the pedestal the archer is standing on. it’s just there, unless they recently moved it. i do recall seeing it when i was walking from ls to the lib early this year. they are the same alums who support the school — tatawagan lang pag may kailangan, buti sana kung magalang lagi, e minsan kaharap mo na, parang binabastos ka pa. Kapag nakuha na ang kailangan, kakalimutan ka na. marami na sa admin ng LS ang walang modo at tactless! Ang yayabang at parang sila may-ari ng paaralann; hindi naman La Salita. Buti sana kung efficient at competent… Hayz!

  • Ira

    Naku, magagalit ang mga yun kapag sinira yung archer. i think i better check that place where i sal it last at….. e yung isa nag donate sa archer ay manager pa naman ng isang varsity team ng LS.

  • James G.

    I played on this field from 1979 to 1983. I remember when it was larger until they built the Engineering building which made it the size it is today. I remember showing up at 5:30 am to attend practice when it was dark but this was the coolest time of day and we had to finish eearly so we could attend our 8 am classes. I remember the blessing of the uniforms and equipment in the center of the field before the start of the UAAP season. I remember intramural football games where we, the DLSU UAAP players were allowed to play for our colleges and having so much fun playing against guys you went to war with because LIA was always better than COM or ENG! This field may not be much in terms of real estate, size or breadth, but it meant so much for so many. I will miss this icon. But life goes on…

  • RFJ

    They destroyed the archer? Unbelievable! I know quite a number of alums who donated that archer. The same names that you will see on the pics of alums at the south and north gate. I am definitely telling them about this. One would go ballistic and another would shake his head in dismay and say “Oh gee”!

    Sir I dont think the Archer statue will be removed

  • Leo dos Remedios

    Someone has to remind the powers that be that it is not all PESOS and CENTAVOS!!! That field means more to the Alumni, students and to the atheletes that have left their blood, sweat and tears on that field, more than just another building on that site. The La Sallian spirit is not a bunch of buildings but a camaraderie of generations of men and women that have come through this field. Shame on YOU (you know who you are) for putting an end to the De La Salle Football Field!!! This what the present admnistration is all about $$$$$$$. I am glad that I was a student during better times, when there was a balance of mind and HEART. It’s sad that those days are gone. Animo La Salle!!!

  • melvel

    How sad. The DLSU campus is crowded already with buildings. I wish development would be horizontal, not vertical. Masyado nang sikip.

    Rizal Memorial is a tie-up, but it’s still not DLSU property. So technically, wala na talagang football field ang DLSU.

  • DS

    eventually, we will all get past this just like when the old st. athanasius gym (now yuchengco bldg) was demolished a decade ago.

    let’s see what happens

  • melvel

    The old gym was not demolished 10 years ago. It was still there in my last year in DLSU.

    Wala nang green open space sa campus. What new building is this? Don’t we have so many buildings already?

  • James G.

    Who said anything about destroying the Archer statue? RFJ, what are you smoking?

  • Is DLSU going to purchase Rizal Stadium as their own – because co-managing it might not be a very good idea.

    Maybe an astro-turf type field inside the new building is being planned?

  • trebla18

    Allowed po ba umattend and Alumni ng DLSU-D to this event? syang naman ung football field..=(

  • RFJ

    I thought that’s what Lou said… “They first forgot about the concrete Archer etching fronting the old gym across the benches and destroyed that; now they take away “the field”. We celebrate a hundred years and yet no institutional memory of what to retain.”

    I guess I need to sleep…

  • 10331921

    Its sad that the field will soon be gone. DLSU is too congested already. What about the non varsity students who uses the field to play flag football, ultimate frisbee etc? Where would be concerts for our major celebrations be held? What about the athletes? I was also an athlete during my time and I enjoyed our cross training better when it was on the field rather than on the 7th-8th floor. This move leaves the ampi as the only remaining open space in DLSU. : (

  • reby

    i think the archer statue is different from the archer etching. i remember seeing that while i walked past the gym enroute to the sps building. sad…

    what will the new building have that the current structures cannot accommodate? i hope whatever structure that’ll be put in place of the football field responds to our lasallian mission above all things.

  • bill

    I think the new building is for the college of law (not sure about this). But this is something I am sure of, if any structure should be changed/built the administration should have prioritized the sps building. When taking a picture of buildings, why do you guys think there is a big a$$ tree in front of the sps building is it to decorate or to cover something?And how many mild earthquakes can this building take before is reach its inevitable destruction? Students take pride of having this building as a first of its kind that serves its purpose, well, I don’t see anyone who would argue on that it is THE oldest and it still looks THE oldest building of that kind.

  • Lisa

    Bill: You’re wrong. The LS Building is THE oldest. 😉

  • tymon110id

    sad to hear..i already miss playing soccer on that field even it was not that green at all is not really a good idea.. i wonder that if the building will be named after henry sy because he did donate something e why he didnt give the lot he bought beside the andrew building na lang.. condos beside lasalle sucks! they destroyed everything! not everything actually but they did destroy a lot of things and will destroy a lot of things in the future! and another.. i experience twice that i went to 2 different office in LS the first person that i saw whose desk is infront of the door doesnt know much bout their respective offices. they pissed me of last term! grrr

  • bill

    Lisa: No disrespect but I know that LS building is the oldest, I saw the old pictures and noticed the architectural principles of the old LS building (in the 1940’s i think) still exists. But what you may have missed the “OF THAT KIND” part, I’m referring to the function/purpose of student services/building dedicated for the student services. Not the oldest building but the OLDEST BUILDING OF THAT KIND 🙂

    Tymon110id: it is sad that those condos would defeat the purpose of the windows in the buildings near the condos, it would block the wind and the view. In terms of the open area, I don’t think the university’s option is to either buy the nearby lots and transfer the informal settlers near the university.

  • id107

    What’s there to celebrate when they’ll kill the football field with the long and rich history?

  • Ruey Shivers

    The ‘Field’ was DLSU’s parade ground for many, many long years for the Corps of Midshipmen. As a former midhsipman officer with the DLSU Corps of Officers in the 70’s, I spent many gruelling hours on the Field every week for physical training, drills and parades.

    I nicknamed the field ‘the meat grinder’ since my fellow officers and I literally toiled, cried and bled on the field.

    It’s been over 30 years since those days in DLSU and I am very proud and fortunate to have spent my youth in the hallowed halls of La Salle. The memories will always bring me back to those wonderful times.

    Although a new building will be standing on that hallowed ground soon, in my minds eye, I will always see the ‘Field.’

    God bless and Animo La Salle!

  • edith d.

    its sad …that the football field has to go… i hope the new plans should have enough breathing space and greens for the students – it helps to relieve school stress just by looking out the footbool field…so why is there a celebration? for what?


    if im not mistaken the football field will be replaced with the Henry SY building, his sons were alumnis.

  • DS


    I was a freshmen in school year 2000-2001 and the Yuchengco bldg was already being constructed. Hence, the gym was demolished 10 years ago.


    Also, from the above messages, I get a feeling that CSB students are unsure if they are also one with DLSU!!! My daughter will be taking an entrance exam this Oct at CSB!

  • Magician13

    Open Bar?!


    Ah yes, klolthxbye to the Football Field

  • Anjel

    I want to attend but i think the graduate school has class… Will classes be suspended?


  • Anne Alina

    This is just to clarify everyone’s misconception about the construction of the new building in the football field. The new building will practically be on strong stilts–the first real floor of the building will be three storeys up, same level as the third floor of the LS building. This means that there will still be a very wide open space below. But it will no longer be used as a field for sports, it will be converted into a park for everyone to enjoy.

    Also, the new building is part of an overall Campus Renewal Plan that will ultimately open up more spaces in the campus. So don’t worry about the school getting more cramped up. The admin of DLSU will make sure that that doesn’t happen.

    And to Bill, who commented that the SPS building for student orgs is already run down, don’t worry. I do believe there will be another building that will be constructed alongside the Henry Sy Hall that will serve as the new SPS building for students.

    Most of the things I’ve said here are pretty much confirmed, you can ask anyone from the DLSU admin and they will tell you the same thing.

  • victoria

    any sked for the event? alumni would like to join the festivities…

  • Ryan

    What time start ng kick off bukas ?

  • Jun Flores

    I spent 17 years as a student at De La Salle College, started as a kindergarten kid in 1952, graduated high school in’64 and finally Lia-Com in ’69. It is a sad day to see the old football field, where many school and sports events occurred, like commencement excercises will be taken away… first it was the handball courts, then the Athanasius Gymnasium and now what was left of the football field. Like the late Bro. J Benedict said to me when I had visited after the handball courts were torn down, “every thing, except the memories, will be changed eventually.” The old historic school just isn’t the same any more.

  • Antonio Barrameda

    boo!!!! new Henry Sy bldg? bakit hindi na lang gamitin yung pera para i-maintain yung football field and name the field after him (and have his bust/monument beside it). and use the rest of the money to fund more scholarships (it is more important to provide affordable education to more people in need of financial assistance than having this new building). the field is welcome sight inside the concrete jungle that is DLSU. greed…greed…greed…

  • We will surely miss the field, the memories shared in that area, the concerts and events, the ROTC formations & practices! It cuts across all our hearts 🙁