With San Beda’s 100-76 win over Perpetual today, the De La Salle Green Archers advance to the quarterfinals of the Fil-Oil Flying V Preseason tournament. They will face current NCAA champion San Sebastian Stags this Wednesday at 6pm in a knock-out match for a slot in the semis.

Here are some more highlights from yesterday’s game:

Ferdinand’s asserting himself inside. Yes, he had a few miscues, but it wasn’t for lack of aggressiveness. He even had a chirpy session with an opposing big, and was called for an unsportsmanlike foul after being bumped and trash talked while walking back after one of our baskets. He’s not going to back down against anyone. I liked his willingness to attack inside, and his newly found ambidextrous form which allows him to take a hook or floater using either hand. And he’s always a threat when we take foul shots and miss (a common occurrence), because he’s quick enough to track down the carom for a putback. Just a little more discretion on what moves to make, and he’ll be a force in the paint for us.

Simon, when he’s on, is a threat from the long court, and his heads-up play allows him to create a break after a rebound, spotting teammates sprinting for our basket and getting it to them in the optimum position to score. Coach Dindo is utilizing him more and more as a 2 or 3 together with Tolentino, Vosotros, Elorde, and de la Paz, and this gives the team a lot of flexibility and speed, and gives our press that much needed quickness. We saw how effective the press could be with this quick lineup. Simon’s improved decision-making and on-court judgment might position him to be the much-needed leader of the team this year, if he keeps it up.

The players’ unfamiliarity with each other was still very apparent despite the blowout win, resulting in offensive miscues and missed defensive adjustments. The good thing is that this team has a tremendous upside, and once they get it all together, they will be a very competitive team, albeit on the smallish side. To a certain extent, that can be compensated for by the game-long speed and intensity that they showed they unveiled yesterday. Now, if they could only keep it up consistently, we’ll start to see the Archer brand of basketball that we used to have in past years.

Whether or not they advance in this tournament, let’s give them the positive encouragement and support that they need to build up that much-needed confidence. A confident team is a dangerous team, and if they have the confidence that the community is solidly behind them, they will play their guts out for us.

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  • Proud Archer

    Simon Atkins is very much underrated and much maligned at times. He is actual our best point guard. I like Dindo using him on the 2-3 slot because of one peculiarity in Simon’s game. He shoots better from the sides and corners, rather from the top of the key and the quarter court.

    Ferdinand should be trained by another big man coach other than Tonichi. No offense to Coach Tonichi, but during his active days, let’s be realistic. He was not the best big man around at that time and his moves suited more his style than a traditional big man. His main shot was a hook shot and his moves wear geared towards getting that hook shot off. He doesn’t have a strong drop-step in and around the basket. That is what Ferdinand needs, doesn’t he? His FOOTWORK has to be developed. But he has the banging body inside, something Tonichi never had. We need a big man post-up coach.

    Our style of basketball is very similar to the Detroit Pistons of old with the likes of a Richard Hamilton and Chauncey Billups, or from an earlier era, Grant Hill and Jerry Stackhouse, and going earlier still, Isaiah Thomas, Vinnie the Microwave Johnson, and Joe Dumars. These were all scoring 1″s and 2’s. Then, they surrounded themselves with tough and rugged inside operators and/or bangers/bruisers who specialized in defensive rebounding and blocked shots. (Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace being the best of those types) This is where we are lacking. (Remember the types of JR Aquino, Adonis Sta. Maria, and Jerwin Gaco?)

    Don’t count Jovet Mendoza out in developing into this kind of player. He is a body banger inside and let’s give him a second and third look again. Remember that he came from a very weakening illness, and his body is just recovering from that. As a matter of fact, I look at him as the player that will surprise us this season.

    Joshua Webb is the KEY for us. He HAS to stay focused on basketball, period. If he goes to his antics, then were in trouble.

    I definitely agree with the article’s observations: lack of cohesion and unfamiliarity with each other (sa Tagalog, “hindi nagkaka amuyan). But the “amuyan” skill is only developed through time. Something rookies and sophomores don’t have enough of yet. For me, “dalawang malaki lang at isang basurero, OK na tayo. This teams talent has a boundless upside to it. Definitely more than last year.


  • ron

    the archers should be wary of the stags. man for man, they have the advantage. pamboy raymundo has the body to bang up atkins, elorde, vosotros and tolentino. i would not discount a possibility of a post-up in a pointguard spot. calvin abueva is a defensive and offensive demon. he can penetrate, score inside and block shots. villanueva, webb, mendoza and andrada will have their hands full against abueva. same goes to pascual. he is a receiver of a hi-lo inbound pass. his leaping ability and good hands in the perimeter shall a cause a problem with either tampus, marata and dela paz. bulawan and sanggalang provided second chance opportunities. ferdinand, andrada, mendoza and paredes inside presence both in offense and defense should flourish this coming wednesday. semira and the stags’ back-up pointguard are good outside shooters. the inside-outside offense of the stags emanated from the perimeter shooting of pascual, semira, and raymundo raymundo. archers: show us the true la salle basketball. win this one for the school.

  • carlo133

    ANIMO!! this is something that we should be proud of. Although our players are still lacking a lot of things that’s why it’s hard to tell if they could do better in the upcoming UAAP season.

  • Fred Cebu

    Is the current squad our final squad for the coming UAAP wars? Or, there will still be some changes?


    We might still see some changes after the preseason. Let’s just wait for the final the roster to be released around a week before the UAAP season starts.

    Also, Wednesday’s game will not be televised. Since the game starts at 6PM, those coming from the offices still have time to catch it live.

  • Fred Cebu

    When is Arnold van Opstal going to rejoin the team? Where is he now? I hope we will not lose this guy too.

    Let’s wait for the final roster announcement before the UAAP season. Thanks

  • Ray Green

    I’d say, Simon Atkins can be the team captain. He is somewhat a Green Archer icon (having appeared in billboard ads and Internet sites). The role will force him to step up, and can boost his confidence and that of the whole team. It’s the point guard that holds the team together, e.g., TY Tang, Mike Cortez, LA Revilla.


    Simon will be mostly likely named team captain of the team. He is the most senior among the players and he and Ferdinand are the only Archers with championship experience.


    Regarding those players who many are still expecting to join the team, let’s wait for the final roster announcement before the UAAP season. Thanks

  • probinsyanong basketbolista

    La Salle should focus on their offense specially perimeter shooting.. gogogo La Salle