The reign of the DLSU Green Archers is in danger of lasting just one year.

That’s the case after the defending champions of the UAAP men’s basketball tournament fell to the FEU Tamaraws, 65-60, on Sunday at the Mall of Asia Arena.

DLSU trailed by as much as 13 in the first half and 11 in the second before 13 straight points by Almond Vosotros in the third period got the team back in the ballgame.

In the fourth quarter, a basket by Arnold Van Opstal gave the team their first lead since the first quarter, 60-58.

But three straight points by FEU star Mike Tolomia put his club ahead by one, 61-60.

With less than a minute to go in the game, La Salle big man Norbert Torres had a chance to regain the lead for his team, but missed a floater. After which, a basket by Carl Cruz extended the Tamaraws’ lead to three.

Vosotros then missed a long-range shot, which was followed by an unsportsmanlike foul on Jeron Teng, who fouled out with just eight points on 2-of-11 shooting. Tolomia then sealed the game at the foul line as FEU took control of the #2 seed heading into their final four encounter with La Salle next Saturday.

Jason Perkins had 15 points and 13 boards to lead the Green Archers, while Arnold Van Opstal put up just seven points and had seven turnovers.

As a team, La Salle shot just 32% from the field and just 29% from downtown. DLSU had 48 rebounds and 12 assists, but committed 20 turnovers.

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  • sugahdaddy

    the star player post a picture that he has denge. the night before a really important game he is parading half naked instead of resting. did the team give him and arnold permission to do so? is this a charity event to raise funds to uplift the lives of the less fortunate? the tournament is about to come to an end . can’t he wait to pursue publicity and fame until then? he said being sick thru his timing off..what is arnold’s excuse?

  • Nate Nate

    Jeron and AVO forgot to ask themselves a very important question before doing that underwear fashion show: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

    Still, consider it a bonehead move for a student-athlete to participate in an event with such a raunchy theme. People will now talk about it especially at a very dire situation for DLSU basketball. Kids.

  • jus_sayinagain

    ENDORSEMENTS. COMMERCIALIZATION. DISTRACTIONS. Lack of consistency. That’s the thing that plagued DLSU this year.

    It would be interesting to note who owns the products for endorsements. Imperative to demand that the student-athletes’ agents ensure that all “commercial activities” happen only at the end of the season. It is in the interest of the players involved, the team, the school, the whole community that focus and discipline be maintained.

    Fame and fortune can be a bitch…it will bite. It always does.

  • Coolah Bear

    We were simply “outcoached” again by Racela. The archers’ game is so predictable what with an 7-8 man rotation. Jeron was out of sorts and should have been benched. There seems to be no trust by the coaching staff on Andrada, Rivero, Tratter and Torres. When the chips are down maybe it is time to gamble?

  • Zombie2

    We never play like our players tongue are hanging out through exhaustion, we’re always the cool guys, we manage a rally and even out things and even go ahead by 2 points at 60-58. Those were the last points we made,the very predictable avo passes to where teng was supposed to be and vice versa, and when teng misses a follow up complains to the ref while his man comes streaking down the free lane and how about that sequence of a three on one feu fast break in the last 2 minutes. Jeez, breaks, perhaps, total meltdown? It’s not always about the execution coach/es, but the heart too, let’s play like we mean to defend this title.

  • Coolah Bear

    I cannot remember the green archers losing 3 in a row to a single opponent. I am just curious whether or not it has happened in the past, NCAA days included. Losing 4 in a row to a particular opponent would be some sort of a record? What I fear might happen can happen….Murphy’s Law! I hope not. Let’s fight tooth and nail now boys. You painted yourselves into a corner, now you’ve got to get out of it. ANIMO!

  • dieharddlsu

    yup it happened already. in 1997, and 2005. in both seasons, we were 0-4 against one team – FEU.

  • Coolah Bear

    Thanks for the info Bro. Now I am afraid history will repeat itself!

  • BBgandangTT

    Here’s I think what happened in that last game by the quarters

    * DLSU had poor transition defense allowing FEU guards easy layups on fastbreaks
    * AVO taking too much time in post play execution. He’s being double teamed (Belo and Hargrove) with another FEU guard (Inigo) helping out.
    * DLSU had too many turnovers when their guards try to lob to ball to Norbert and AVO in the paint. Tams were quick to anticipate and block the passing lanes.
    * Inigo and Dennison had big baskets as well
    * This quarter was mostly dictated by FEU

    * Poor zone defense by DLSU
    * Too many turnovers (3 secs by Norbert and Perkins, travelling by Sargent)
    * DLSU went big with AVO, Norbert, and JPerk however, FEU were quick to seal them in the paint.
    * DLSU missed a couple of perimeter shots
    * FEU set their screens well, better passing and spacing

    Halftime stats
    Perimeter points
    DLSU 6
    FEU 20

    Bench points
    DLSU 2
    FEU 12

    DLSU 10
    FEU 6

    Good run by the Archers. Better field goal shooting.

    * 3 mins to go DLSU led 60-58, however, Mike Tolomia took charge
    * Passing error by AVO after getting sealed in
    * Once again, poor transition defense by the Archers (Carl Cruz on a 3-point play)
    * Vosotros on an rushed ill-advised 3 point shot (should have called a timeout)

    Some pointers..
    Start the game with tight defense
    Quicker anticipation when FEU forwards set their screen
    AVO needs to kick out the ball quickly when double-teamed
    DLSU bench need to step up

    I hate to say this, but FEU has been DLSU’s archrival for f++kin’ long time. Rektikano!