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Games between the Green Archers and the UST Growling Tigers have always been tightly-contested affairs, and this one was no different. But after clambering from an 11-point fourth quarter deficit and forcing an extra session, the Green Archers ultimately succumbed to the Tigers in overtime, 63-58, earlier today at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Down 48-39 with about seven and a half minutes remaining in regulation after a couple of freebies by Tiger Clark Bautista, the Archer offense, which had been in a deep slumber for most of the contest, suddenly sprang to life as they stringed together seven points, the last on a booming triple by Almond Vosotros, to narrow the gap to four, 44-48.

Jeric Teng, who netted a game-high 23 points, answered with a jumper for the Tigers to pad their advantage to six, 50-44. Norbert Torres then managed to get a split at the line before Teng scored on a hoop-and-harm play, although the bonus free throw clanged off the rim, allowing UST to nurse a slim 50-47 lead with time down to 3:48.

LA Revilla, on his final tour of duty as an Archer, scooted through the lane for an easy lay-up at exactly the two minute mark, bringing the Archers to within a solitary point. And after a couple of empty possessions for both squads, La Salle was dealt a huge blow as Jeron Teng was called for his fifth and final foul on UST’s Paolo Pe with 52 seconds remaining, sending the former to the bench and the latter to the charity stripe with the chance to further the Tigers’ lead, although he would make only one of two.

With the reigning Rookie of the Year saddled on the bench after fouling out, it was rookie Jason Perkins who found himself open at the top of the key, and without a moment’s hesitation hoisted a jumper that found the bottom of the net to tie the game for the first time since the second quarter and force an overtime period.

Tiger Karim Abdul, who finished with 17 points and 10 rebounds, would assert his might in the extra period, as he scored five quick points. Revilla would score once more on a lay-up, but Jeric Teng, who was guarded by his younger brother for most of the contest, nailed another jumper to preserve the five-point spread. Vosotros would nail his third triple with time down to a minute and thirty seconds, but Teng went two-for-two on a trip to the line for a four-point UST lead.

La Salle, however, was not yet done, as Perkins scored in the paint to bring them to within two, 58-60, forcing UST head coach Pido Jarencio to sue for time. Aljon Mariano, who Jarencio later admitted was not 100%, made both free throws with just 22 seconds left, before a backcourt by Revilla due to the stingy defense of Ed Daquioag was the final nail in the coffin for the Archers.

After a slow first quarter that saw both teams score a combined 22 points, the Tigers uncorked a 14-0 blitz in a span of three minutes near the end of the second canto, all of which were scored by Abdul and Teng. La Salle, however, was able to trim the lead to 28-20 on a buzzer beater by Norbert Torres at the end of the half.

Vosotros paced the balanced scoring of the Archers with 13 points and seven rebounds, while Perkins, in his first UAAP game, finished with 13 and nine. Teng also barged in double figures with 10 and eight caroms before fouling out late in the payoff period.

Anticipation hung in the air, almost tangible, as La Salle fans waited for the white-clad Archers to take the hardwood after unceremoniously bowing out of the Fil-Oil tournament after losing three of their final four games and undergoing a coaching change that placed Coach Juno Sauler at the helm three weeks before the start of the season.

La Salle, however, showed that it could hang with last year’s bridesmaids, as they held their own on the glass by outrebounding their opponents, 52-44, while forcing them to a miserable 39% shooting. The team, however, made only nine of their 19 free throws for a 47% shooting clip, and shot an even lower 31% from the field while committing 24 miscues.


UST-63– Teng-23, Abdul-17, Bautista-6, Mariano-5, Ferrer-5, Pe-3, Hainga-2, Daquioag-2, Lo-0

DLSU-58– Vosotros-13, Perkins-13, Teng-10, T. Torres-7, N. Torres-6, Reyes-4 Revilla-4, Van Opsal-1, Tampus-0, Bolick-0

Quarterscores: 10-12, 28-20, 40-34, 51-51 (End of Regulation), 63-58 (OT)


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  • anonymous

    Really bad offensive execution by the team. Our offensive sets are very predictable. Teams already know what Jeron will do once he gets the ball. Vosotros was allowed to hoist 15 three point attempts( he attempted more threes than UST). Norbert and Van opstal still cannot finish inside the paint.

    Perkins was the only bright spot of the team. He played fantastic defense on Teng, and scored well around the hoop, while also knocking down the game tying basket.

    It will be a long season once again for the green archers if they keep committing the same mistakes that has hounded the team for the past few years:

    1. Predictable offense

    2. Free throw shooting

    3. Turnovers

    4. Perimeter Defense

  • Ironworks

    Jason Perkins is Fil-Am right? thanks

  • Viva_Scola

    Always hard to play uste bec they’re just organized chaos. But what’s worse is that the team went down to their level and played the helter skelter pace… Hence, 24 turnovers… Let’s just chalk this one up to first game jitters and move on to the next. Still got a long way to go…

  • Mike Tumbagahan

    We’ve been seeing a lot of things about this and that, predictability, free throw, coach changes. Kurt Long nailed it really. There’s no chemistry within the team. You can see it in how they play. Imagine a guy throwing bricks all game long and still got away with it. Everyone’s forcing the issue. LA is still the leader, King Archer, heart and soul of the group. Pretenders on the team can wait. Their time would eventually come. They need to follow first before they could lead as the cliche goes. Coach Juno’s call to arms is discipline let’s wait and see. I know a lot of us have been impatient and placed a lot of pressure on these young warriors. Again if they act as team they win as a team. Remember Together Everyone Achieves More! (TEAM).

    A hopeful fan of the game.

  • anonymous

    Yup, not much team chemistry. It shows in the turnovers as well so they rarely get a good burst of momentum. I think the players should be more assertive with each other to elevate each and everyone’s strengths. Though we have a 13-man roster, it’s certain that we have good and balanced players. We have to trust the coaching staff and give them more time. Keep the faith, Animo La Salle!

  • Coolahbear

    UST did not win the game per se. They played awful too. We lost the game due to the same old jinx in FT shooting. I cannot remember the numbers but I think we missed more than 10 free throws! We could have won the game in regulation time had we made just one FT. Another issue is the number of turnovers. Was it opening day jitters? We are down one but there are still 13 points to be won. We have some consolation in UST being among the 3 favorites to win the crown this season. A bright spot though is the Archer’s heart to fight till the last second. Coach Jun used a 10-man rotation with Luigi, Matt and Kib warming the bench all afternoon. I do not know much about Matt Salem’s basketball skills but he plays PF and could have been an option. Playing Norbert at number 4 with AVO at number 5 did not seem to work at all. There were many lessons to be learned by the new coach from this first game. I still think the team is a contender this season, of course as a “dark horse.” Next year will be the start of a great basketball dynasty! Animo!

  • An1mo

    Despite the loss, I liked how the team played (although constant improvements are to be made). Everyone in the team plays with confidence now. They try to do their own “diskarte” (shoot the ball, drive to the basket, etc) now compared last season when they’d be reprimanded for doing so. However, it was the demeanor of the team that really impressed me the most. The team showed GREAT respect to all those who are inside the court – refs, their opponents, their teammates, and their coaches. The act of “hi-fiving” the refs before the jump ball was the best example. They have also shown that they care for each other than what they showed last season. When a teammate falls, the other players, quickly, help the other teammate out (which was rarely seen last season). Also, benched players now are more active. We see them cheer-up, instructing, and hi-fiving their teammates (compared to last year when they don’t coz they get mad when they dont get playing time). Even if you’re just in the bench, actions like these, unknowingly, do contribute a lot to the team’s success. Our boys have shown that they are now MEN. So, kudos to Coach Juno! its still the start of the season. We believe in our team! Keep the faith! Animo Lasalle!

  • Nate Nate

    the commentators said Juno stuck with a 13-man lineup because he doesn’t want a full 16 only to have players who will warm on the bench… he could have used those 3 more able bodies for just 3 minutes each in the first half up to the 3rd quarter… good thing both teams were struggling during the game… after the Eagles’ loss to the Dawgs, I feel much better losing in a close game than being mauled the entire game…. i just hope Juno’s calmness on the bench is a good Zen sign…

  • machongsky

    Poor ball rotation with the team. Jeron is too much of a ball hog as well as Almond. Please share the ball with others. Jeron’s move is too predictable, he needs to learn how to drop these passes. Can’t anyone see the friction between Almond and Jeron? they are both competing with each other. 3 on 1 fastbreak and decides to shoot even if it’s well contested? Trigger happy shooting from the 3point area? Yes it’s going in, but not all the time.

    13 Man Line Up? Man, player rotation was just really bad. Juno must use these veterans especially TAMPUS AND DELA PAZ. I don’t think they lack in basketball IQ, i don’t think they lack in defense, and especially I don’t think they lack in offense. Yes Almond could be a good defender… for the POINT GUARD Post because he is shorter than the other guards in the league.

    This would have to be My First 5:

    1. Revilla

    2. Dela Paz

    3. Teng

    4. Perkins

    5. Torres

    2nd String

    1. Torres

    2. Almond

    3. Tampus

    4. Salem

    5. Van Opstal

    3rd String
    1. Montalbo
    2. Bolick
    3. Tampus
    4. Salem
    5. Van Opstal